Connoisseurs of Big State Baby Vomit

January 24, 2017
Updated October 12, 2018

ODP Staff

Liberals ideologues are true connoisseurs of statism.  They will interrupt most any discussion to offer their keen discernments on the various flavors and fragrances of the baby vomit of a big state solutions to move their own personal passion to control others “Forward!”
They’ll invariably inform that National Socialism in Germany wasn’t really “Socialism” but “Fascism.”  Not “left” but “right.”  And then they’ll go on to advertise their ignorance with proclamation that Socialism has no relationship to Communism nor Marxism.

They’ll exploit the adversarial relationship between NAZI Germany and Soviet Russia as some sort of proof that “National Socialism” somehow sits “opposite” of “Communism.” All this fits somehow into their wildly confused matrix that skews their understanding of what would otherwise be a very simple “left vs. right” matrix that places maximum responsibility and freedom at the tiny-government RIGHT end of the scale against the minimum of both at the huge-government LEFT.

All of the foolish notions built on countless hours of class time and lectures from Marxists can be dismissed in as little as a few minutes:

Of course when challenged for the 100% failure rate of the worlds unfortunate and extensive history of Socialist experiments,  most Millennials will be quick to point out that Democratic Socialism becomes very “good” because it has the word Democrat in it.  And they’ve all sat through countless lectures that magically paint Hitler, once a darling of the liberals and Hollywood elite, as “right wing” since his leftist Big State solution stopped selling once the War was over and the gruesome discoveries tarnished his once glowing reputation with all of the left.


What was once a dirty word for most Americans has become a symbol of “enlightened” and “modern” thinking.  And Marxist propaganda groups like AJ+ work frantically to give Socialism a badly needed facelift to make it more palatable and even appealing to their new mushy minded audience.

Marxist programming always requires an “us vs. them” understanding, so every success story with the exception of a few exempt elites are branded as “greedy!”  And of course the “cure” for all this terrible “greed” is “equality.”  The quote marks are important since it is no longer a matter of “equality of opportunity” that matters,  but an expectation of equal outcomes in the game of life.

So frail is the understanding of human nature in the expanding roles of brainwashed Americans that all anyone ever learned about human motivation and inspiration is dismissed, and it’s just assumed that someone else will take on an unfair share of labor to ensure nobody else feels inferior as measured by their material wealth and influence at the nearest cash register.

Perhaps the most deeply indoctrinated of these are the Sociology Majors.  While academics and University Heads have long struggled with the most “unfortunate” reality that it is more difficult to properly push Marxism to students in the more objective fields such as engineering, science and mathematics, Sociology ranks with Liberal Arts and Womens Studies as the ideal setting to peddle the “superior” understandings that anyone else would take as rabid ramblings of Karl Marx.


What’s more is that the “have and have not” rhetoric isn’t quite inclusive enough to provide an adequate base of grievance to achieve the desired Alinsky effect.  So when Marcuse pulled the 2.0 of Marxism from his bowels it marked the birth of Cultural Marxism to take grievance culture to the next level.

Now instead of merely pitting “haves” against “have nots” ever narrowing categories are declared “oppressed” against an expanding set of victims declared “oppressors.” And now the slightest end-result inequality will invariably be pinned on “racism,” “sexism,” one of countless “phobias” or some other form of “oppression” to be blamed.

Of course it takes more faith to believe Socialism will ever work than a belief in God, so in addition to being a mental disorder, it’s fair to call liberalism a virulent religion.

And after at least five decades of indoctrination, the stage is set to literally run a self-described “Socialist” to make all the false promises of “Free Education and Healthcare” and to sell these wildly absurd and limitless spend programs as “rights!””


Before we give Bernie Sanders the attention he deserves I’ll offer that it may be just as well ol’ #BREADLINEBERNOUT was taken out by the first round of #DEMVOTEFRAUD.  He is, after all, really needed right now in #VENEZUELA to help set up those lines!

Change is not a merit in of itself. Some if not many of us might be all be for any change that improves the human experience. Still the sensible and informed among us remain righteously opposed to any change to repeat the experiment that has repeatedly failed. The eternal sale being made by the most elite and affluent men for us to embrace very old ideas upon which they repeatedly pitch to each and every populace they target to fall prey to the biggest con of all.

The branding may keep changing, Communist, Socialist, Democrat Socialist, Progressive, Liberal, Democrat, but the rigged game is always the same.  Power taken by the few to exert over the masses in the name of “fairness,” “equality,” and even “Social ‘justice’!”

Freedom isn’t a particularly new idea either, but it’s never been realized quite as well as when the Declaration of Independence established the world’s best home for it.
Marxism is just poorly formed opinion and indoctrination. Yet Marxist activism is literally plotting for the disruption of free men, women and children’s lives… for the looting of their savings, invasion of their home, smashing of lives, and then there’s the inevitable arson and murder.

It is NOT lawful to plot such crimes… and therefore Marxist activists are CRIMINALS even before they smash down the first door, block a freeway, or burn down a city.


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