“Birtherism” and Presidential Eligibility

January 25, 2017
Updated August 5, 2021

ODP Staff

To this day liberals are still heralding the challenges to Obama’s eligibility as “debunked” and “racist” “lies” directed only by “conservatives” as an unseemly attack on his proud half-Kenyan heritage.

Trump has been specifically targeted by liberal twits at #FAKENEWS operations like Huffington Post as “racist” for his role in the American process of discovery on this important question.

In reality “Hawaiian born” nor “Kenyan born” are not a racial identity.  There are very few eligibility requirements for America’s highest office.

No Person except a natural born Citizen, or a Citizen of the United States, at the time of the Adoption of this Constitution, shall be eligible to the Office of President; neither shall any Person be eligible to that Office who shall not have attained to the Age of thirty-five Years, and been fourteen Years a Resident within the United States.

To decry and dismiss expressed concerns about one of the original three as “racist” is just one of many of the dishonest games played by his Marxist sycophants.


The eligibility question since labeled and besmirched as “birtherism” were first brought to light during and even before the primaries in the 2008 race.  The question remained a subject of fierce debate.  And whomever’s $1,000,000 that was spent to keep Obama’s flimsy claim of eligibility from public view, namely his Birth Certificate, served only to add to the intensity of the second guessing among all but the most dedicated of cultists distracted by if not drunk on the “importance” of a “first black President.”

What Trump actually did was to leverage his own financial might to force Obama’s hand.  His “racist” role was merely to make Obama forge up a Birth Certificate in place of what remains hidden from the public eye today.


Still in spite of all recent revelations and hard evidence, the desperate left still cling to their false notions.  And even deploy it to deflect from other facts they are desperate to dismiss as conservative “hate speech.”

The facts remain as they are.  “Birtherism” was better described as “eligibility concerns.”  As most suspected Obama was never eligible nor qualified for his important role.

I’ve long been “racist” enough to place more trust in his own grandmother’s memory of where he was born than his own false memory or outright lies.

I’ve been to Hawaii enough to know this of his adoring worshipers over there.  Had Obama been born anywhere near much less on a Hawaiian Island, they’d have set up his birthing room like a Nativity and invited more daily tours than the USS Arizona and Dole Pineapple factory combined. 

The very absence of such a spectacle serves as strong enough evidence that the whole flimsy Hawaiian Nativity story is just one of many examples of fraud that characterize all of Obama’s Presidency.

What’s even more important.  Natural Born has a specific meaning.  The phrase was first coined by Vattel in his Law of Nations.  And it’s defined with precision in the same writing that we know the Founding Fathers owned and read.  It’s by no means an arbitrary requirement, and “natural born” shouldn’t be conflated with a delivery less a C-Section.

Vattel points out that allegiance is the reason for this extremely critical of very few eligibility requirements the Founders wisely embraced for our own highest position of command.  And so his definition which declares one must be born to US Citizen parents, with an emphasis on the father matters.  This fact makes Obama ineligible even if his grandmother were proved foolish and he had indeed been squatted out in what was then, the very young State of Hawaii.

Now many believe that the 14th Amendment changes the meaning of “natural born.” But in fact it does not without wild misinterpretation as is also done to justify the inane policy that burdens us with “anchor babies.”  Putting a more detailed discussion aside, I’ll close with the fact that the 14th Amendment fully served its intended and generous purpose and should have long since been repealed.   Perhaps we can get that done as the legitimate Americans with good intention continue their streak of winning!

Of course at this late date, the Obama eligibility question is all what we might call swamp water under the bridge.  As the Democrat infested 3 letter agencies are restored to original purpose however, we just might see Obama and his long list of accomplices face some righteous consequences for their part in the most might well be, the most major fraud in America’s history.

UPDATE March 10, 2017

We actually like an Obama very much.  Malik is a fine and high integrity fellow that also happens to support our efforts to Make America Great.

For the liberals that can only measure a man on complexion, it might be  noted that Malik is also #BLACKERTHANBARACK!

Very recently he took the initiative of presenting Barack’s genuine Birth Certificate via Twitter, and here it is.


©2018 Occupy Democrats Parody

It would seem some now think Obama is a French Citizen.  I suppose that settles the whole “birther” eligibility concerns debate!
Leftists are so deeply indoctrinated, they’re all convinced that so-called “birtherism” equates with “racism.”
Oh my… even AP was promoting “birther conspiracy” before the Kenyan became Senator. 
Fuddy was apparently OK and securely holding onto the raft when a frogman popped up, verified her as the target, and then drowned her on camera!


American Thinker

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