Libtard Immigration “Arguments”

January 25, 2017
Updated October 29, 2022
ODP Staff

By now we’ve all seen these inane MEMEs deployed by Marxists to justify lawlessness and open borders as their version of “immigration policy!”

Obviously honest discussion isn’t the goal of Marxist Activists and so law abiders of any race or origin that oppose unstructured immigration by invasion are branded “anti-immigrant.”

And of course, in turn, anti-immigrant requires some mental illness that the Cultural Marxists are all trained to diagnose as “xenophobia.”

Not that most of the liberals have thought things through, but the notion that Native Americans were displaced, and therefore we must accept being displaced is rather interesting.  By that “logic” no nation has a legitimate claim to the region defined by their own borders less they all be branded “hypocrites.”

This interesting map was deployed by an open border advocate as some sort of clever response.  It struck me as interesting that the map didn’t use the more accurate and more PC term “Native American” in place of “Indian”

So this would mean that Japan cannot legitimately reject #PHONYREFUGEES as part of #MERKELPLAN unless they first restore all of their Islands to the original Ainu inhabitants.  And we can go on with countless more examples, but the short version is that, with few exceptions, every national border was established by some prior battles won, and invariably those battles involved either assimilating, exterminating or displacing earlier inhabitants.

^^The truth comes out!


Well since most of the #MARXISTS see themselves as Citizens of the World, they may not need worry about being internally conflicted.  In their mind, every border is as arbitrary as they consider the fence around a property owner’s back yard.  Just something to jump, and all the privately owned items behind it an extension of their “entitlements.”


For the rest of us, we live in nations.  The United States paid her price in the battles against European tyranny, and staked their claim as a beacon of freedom to inspire all the world.  How interesting that even the Marxists and Islamists who despise that freedom, and all that perceived “racism” and “oppression” seem to make it their priority to find their way to our shores.

As for the Native Americans that indeed had suffered and lost, some now celebrate their new address in USA and the freedoms they are afforded.  Some others stay on the reservation to suffer a microcosm of Socialism made bearable only by their receipt of stolen scraps by the Big State liberals that helped make them prisoners in eternal despair.

For those that see the Native American’s glass more as “half empty” than “half full” it begs the question as to whether they ought to have been a bit more “xenophobic” when faced with hoards of Europeans that most certainly did threaten their past way of life.

Of course today they’re all still such a bunch of “homophobes” it’s possible that the liberal darlings might have fallen a bit from their favor.  But then again, only “whites” or “Christians” cannot be forgiven for whatever transgressions against the Cultural Marxists version of “enlightenment.”


Now let’s finish with a dispassionate view of US immigration in terms of sustainability.

Meanwhile back in #LIBTARDLAND



Screen Shot 2018-01-16 at 11.03.56 AM
Original TWEET

This movie clip presents some valuable insight concerning the Native American experience and actions in early America.

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This coward posted on Instagram and disabled comments to avoid being called out on this CRT mind rot.

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