“Healthcare”and “Life Expectancy!”

February 24, 2017
Occupy Democrats Parody
(work in progress)

“Healthcare” has become synonymous with Rockefeller Medicine and is heralded as the most Holy Grail of health, longevity and happiness.  And of course access to “quality care” has in turn become the highest possible cause for Marxists seeking more corruption in a system that has come to make several sick for each individual it heals, and that may well kill more than it saves.


There’s a much cheaper, effective and more effective form of “healthcare” that is becoming increasingly ignored as the masses are trained to equate “health” with frequent checkups.

There is much detail to cover in this subject, but before the investment is made in providing an important new look at the role of medicine in our lives, I’ll begin with a statement that departs so wildly from common contemporary knowledge, it’s only reasonable that most will demand detailed supporting arguments.

I promise these will follow… but for now I’ll simply make the statement.

By far the cheapest and best method to offer the most longevity and good quality of life is to secure for the masses access to clear, fluoride, lead, chloramine, lead free and otherwise clean water, clean organic (non GMO) food, a safe shelter in an EMF free or EMF managed environment, strong immigration controls with renewed interest in health screening, and a minimum if any vaccine and other common but harmful chemical exposures.

What’s more is establishment of life-long dependencies on ANY pharmaceutical products should be regarded as a very last resort if accepted at all.

I very much realize that the above notions are controversial, and so the presentation of arguments will follow and this work-in-progress updated accordingly.

(more to follow)

– – – the following include installments of replies to an active conversation taking place now on TWITTER.

Answering to preexisting “structural issues” with American Healthcare, the bottom line for most Americans in the COST of receiving HELP from medicine when they NEED it.

Whatever imperfections defined as “structural” were only made much worse by State involvement.

The best way to measure the performance difference between government regulated healthcare and free enterprise healthcare, is to compare the cost difference for a surgeon and staff attention on an elective procedure like a boob job to a similar number of hours by equally qualified doctor in a life saving procedure.  You’ll notice that average Americans  can manage to pay-out-of-pocket on most of the elective procedures they might like.

Also see: “Affordable” Care

©2017 Occupy Democrats Parody

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