Is Obama a Muslim?

March 13, 2017
Updated July 5, 2019
ODP Staff

It used to be so hard to discern whether Obama was more of a Jeremiah Wright “God Damn America!” sort of “Christian,” or more of a “Death to America” Moslem.

The answer to that became clear enough when he delivered the chilling sermon from his bully pulpit.


What do liberals think it means when the “future” doesn’t “belong to” those who dare “slander” his prophet?   Certainly sounds like a call for them to pay the ultimate and mortal sacrifice does it not?   And if Americans do the “slander” I guess that fits well enough with his apparent “Death to America” platform of “fundamental transformation.”

The plan to appease every America hating Marxist here and abroad was largely fulfilled.  He most certainly worked hard with his globalist masters to deliver us to that Post American World.

Snopes will VERIFY this photo with “Mixed.”  This means it’s true but that, per Snope’s discernment, it’s a really good book!

And 8 years of Pro Sharia, Pro Muslim Brotherhood and Pro ISIS policy certainly didn’t leave any room for doubt.

15895288_10154555876408751_7303434492433493893_n putin obama declared war on isis americans christians guns jesus constitution

It seems liberals believe it ridiculous to even suggest that Obama might be “a Muslim.”  When asked what faith they believe Obama holds dear, their answers can be especially interesting:

obama is not a muslim per limberals interesting discussion
Even Obama is gets confused about it until he’s helped along by complicit Liars of the Left media personalities.

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