Obama and Hillary’s Syria

March 20, 2017
Updated April 9, 2018

ODP Staff

It seems Democrats are reluctant to hear out the facts concerning Syria even when presented by a Democrat Congresswoman appearing on CNN with their favorite imbecile Jake Tapper doing his best to control the message.

It should otherwise be very clear by now that every drop of blood in Syria is on Obama’s and Hillary’s hands.

It goes without saying that, after this TV appearance, Democrats are now moving to oust Gabbard.

However “horrible” the “very bad man” Assad, anyone that hasn’t been news fasting for the past 15 years knows fully well what Obama’s war in Syria was really about.  And if there are any who doubt that ISIS is Obama and HIllary’s baby, you only need to watch the reactions when any legitimate strikes were taken from outside Washington’s control.

When Egypt took some strikes, Obama went on TV to admonish them.  When Russia took their own corrective measures, Obama draws the infamous “red line” and tries to set up a no-fly zone to protect his ISIS boots.


On the apparent reversal on Trump’s position against the globalist #REGIMECHANGE plot in #SYRIA, conservatives are divided.  On one side we have the #NEOCON celebrated “show of strength” and shear mockery of Obama’s apparent ineffectiveness and inane #RUSSIANHACKING narratives delivered as part of the #RESIST movement’s #LIBTARDCONSPIRACYTHEORY.

While on the other side we have those who believed Trump to be the antidote to the very old plot of expanding instability that now range from heightened concern about a compromised Trump to complete bewilderment and dissolution on what might reasonably be registered as a major betrayal.

It should be noted that ODP has been among the best advocates of Trump from the very beginning and it is discouraging that some fans do little to differentiate themselves from the belligerence and personality cult worship that characterizes the left.

As disorganized and inane as the #RESIST tantrum crowd appear, conservatives would be well advised to find common ground and support one another as some of us recognize that supporting Trump also means keeping him focused on the job he was entrusted to perform on behalf of We the People.  Infighting only puts us in danger of seeing Democrats and RINOs gain power we simply cannot afford to offer to America’s true enemy within.

Perhaps it might be worth hearing what Assad has to say about Syria too:


Alas it now seems clear that Trump is more interested in fighting Obama and Hillary’s baby ISIS than going to war with Russia to protect the Global Cabal’s regime change plot (and ISIS.)

Screen Shot 2017-07-20 at 1.01.29 PM

Accusations leveled against Obama and Hillary for their role in setting up, training, funding, arming and providing material support and protection for ISIS are serious enough that they deserve evidence.  I’ve prepared a whole link list to offer it in abundance:



ISIS is almost completely dead, and now the “honest’ White Helmets are pitching utter nonsense.

©2017 Occupy Democrats Parody

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