Take the Knee to the Nuts

September 28, 2017
Updated August 21, 2018
Occupy Democrats Parody

NHL has long been descending into a tool to promote leftist ideology.

What was originally an isolated case of one misguided Muslim, one Colin Kaeperneck, who defied NFL rules to kneel as opposed to standing with teammates who had always participated in the tradition of honoring the “America” of American Football.

take the knee menstrual cramps

Of course all the lefties now bleat “free speech” in unison to describe the importance of the expanding list of players exercising their “right to protest.”

Well lets address that first.  NFL actually has a rather detailed and strict set of rules for player conduct on and off the field.  And so if there’s some “free speech” happening, it’s by the NFL, not the players.

It’s not the first time NFL insulted their mostly staunchly “American” audience to promote leftism.

And now of course NFL is there to support their players for wearing socks depicting police as pigs, an expanding roster of #TakeTheKnee bozos promoting BLM Marxism, and even chastising players that stand by smearing them as “racists” or even “white supremacists!”

Screen Shot 2017-09-28 at 8.38.18 PM

Obviously NFL has poor judgement and they’ll soon experience an acceleration on the decline of their sport. Even good Americans that acknowledge the dishonest “right to protest” angle are saying their goodbyes:

take the knee thoughts buddy downs we all have right to protest

We couldn’t agree more with the sentiment.


Here is an open letter from a Marine that saw too many friends die that came back laying under the flag without the chance to see big NFL games they had planned to watch together.

There’s much more to say, but for now I’ll leave you with the wise words of Paul Joseph Watson who sums up the whole Take The Knee spectacle of anti-Americanism in his own way:

And to get ahead of the “you’re a racist” libel expected whenever anyone is not found adequately indulgent of the moronic BLM lost cause, and how “racist” Trump must be for speaking for patriotic Americans, here are a few words from the great Floyd Mayweather:

I’m sure Gloria Alred will be pissed and introduce a parade of skanks to claim he made inappropriate moves on them.  That’s the usual response whenever a good “black” American dares to think for themselves.

16142727_1164491616981453_5145622227198442873_n patriotism is racism sign idiot leftist marxists

And now for a few closing thoughts from a good American:

And of course the Great Mark Levin has a few sensible words on the subject as well:

colin nfl knee flagarson flag die for normandy

©2018 Occupy Democrats Parody

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