Social Media Taliban: A Story of Racketeering, Defamation, Censorship and Treason.

January 11, 2021
Updated January 12, 2021

After a long history of racketeering, targeted harassment, denial of service, and wild violations in privacy and 1st Amendment protections, the Social Media Taliban has taken their anti-American activities to a new level. The coordinated efforts by the likes of Jack, to intercept communications from the President of the Unites States fully meets the definition of treason.

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FakeBook Fascists Ban All Posts from Natural News

August 6, 2020
ODP Staff

Just attempted to post this link to Facebook and received an “error” stating that post was not permitted because it “violates Facebook community standards” concerning “spam.”

Covid Shots Ineffective so Multiple Shots per Year will be Required

Apparently Zuckerberg is as much of a super authority over all doctors as Bill Gates!
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Social Media Gulags: #FBJAIL

August 1, 2018
Updated December 24, 2020

ODP Staff

A pattern of abuse by the vile thought police at Facebook has resulted in several time-outs! And during the imposed “social distancing” most are enduring today, imposing a suspension of connecting to friends on social media that prohibits even personal messaging, is particularly cruel and irresponsible.

I personally used, celebrated and promoted Facebook since I made the trade of personal information for what was promised to be a “better internet” in 2007. I encountered zero problems with the platform from then and through most of 2016. So a perfectly great experience for a full decade. And then, immediately after an election went the “wrong way,” the campaign of targeted harassment began.

At first, a 24 hour suspension over some minor business that I’ve frankly forgotten. Then 72 hours. Then a week. And subsequently over a full year of suspension of the three years that followed. Most over comments or memes that only a lunatic could construe as “violation” of anything.

The details for each installment in a campaign of harassment by Facebook are presented here in reverse chronological order.

EPISODE 20 – DECEMBER 24, 2020

I was rather expecting this to happen since there’s been a clear pattern of harassment that happens on the American holidays. And when I first checked my phone on the morning of Christmas Eve, I received a repeat of last year’s Christmas Present from the Holy Mother Zuckerberg that I’d very much like to return. This was a case of double jeopardy for the same exact meme tagged, reviewed and declared to be “not a violation.” Details at the link.

EPISODE 19 – DECEMBER 19, 2020

A meme posted some days before on a Fingered by Biden page featured one real and one fake Indian. This got tagged as “hate speech” but then shortly after, I received the “we got it wrong” apology after a review, and the meme was put back online.


Enjoying an apparent “early release” from the most recent 30 days sentence, I had resumed feeding my various pages, and personal timeline. I casually shared a few Tweets from people who commented on the Vice Presidential Debate of last evening, without even giving a thought to the possibility that these innocent screen captures might jeopardize my ability to contribute in online discussions in the final month leading up to the coming election that will determine the fate of all humanity.

I had remembered recent statements by Mark Zuckerberg that affirmed, in the feigned interest of “free speech,” that literally wishing the President a “slow and painful death,” was permissible on his personal webpage, so long as he wasn’t “tagged” directly into the hateful comments.

This is also the President that’s routinely called, “rapist, NAZI, Hitler, pedo, groper, grabber,” and even faux art depicting a naked and diminished Trump are all fair game. Today I’ve learned that even the most mild insult of the vapid Kamala, that literally slept her way to the top with an affair with a married Willie Brown, can be the basis for losing 30 days of life on social media.

Simply sharing this Tweet was adequate to be in “violation” of the wildly skewed and uneven Communist Standards imposed by Facebook.

Apparently where Harris is concerned “harassment” and “bullying” are verboten. And obviously the left revel in every irony when you take into account her constant harassment and bullying of any and all of her political opposition.

As yet the request for review hasn’t yielded an answer, but it appears as though the case has already been “closed” by the thought police. And so now the vile meddlers of big tech will have an added advantage of shutting down another voice that is routinely inconvenient to the lies and the liars that tell them to prop up the most insidious campaign in US Presidential history.


The abuse has become so regular and seemingly connected to specific dates on a calendar, this one wasn’t reported until the yet another Episode 18 (described above,) struck on October 8, after having (without announcement nor explanation) FB posting rights restored on or before October 1.

But now I’ll share this wild story which literally had me in for what was described as a 30 day block on posting, and a 60 day block on going live.

Simply sharing the exact words spewed on social media by the hateful Sarah Jeong that got her promoted to an NY Times writer status, got me demoted from communicating with any of my own FB Friends (no PM’s, no birthday wishes, no likes, no reactions,) and deprived access to manage my own pages and groups for a 30 day period.

I shared a post that directly quotes NY Times writer Sarah Jeong, who who was elevated to her position through hate speech on Twitter, and this apparently was proclaimed my own violation of Facebook’s “hate speech” policy.

Obviously an appeal was submitted, but within a few minutes the appeal was reviewed and case closed by the Soros minions that police all thoughts on Zuckerberg’s personal webpage formerly known as “platform.”

EPISODE 16 – JULY 3, 2020

This morning, a completely ordinary response was flagged as a “violation.”

And the imposed sentence is to be placed in “Social Media quarantine” through August 2nd! Obviously with “Social Distancing,” we are particularly dependent upon virtual connectivity, so this amounts to an amazing cruelty.

After submitting the above for review, a response was returned that the case was closed! It bears worthy of mention that just a few moments earlier on this same morning Twitter struck my account and required deleting a Tweet from May to reinstate the account.

Similar to the pattern of the block that happened on Christmas Eve (these seem to all correlate neatly to various holidays as much as to coming elections,) an alert was pushed that they “made a mistake,” and that my account did NOT violate anything. And still the account remains locked and until the same date in August!

After literally missing a friend’s funeral from an earlier episode of imposed disconnection caused by “getting grounded” by “Mother Zuckerberg,” it was adequately upsetting. And now the atomization and isolation suffered by many Americans during the severe limits imposed by the Covid, this kind of grossly negligent conduct by Facebook is quite damaging and will undoubtedly contribute to the suicide statistics already on the rise due to the other forms of “distancing.”

EPISODE 15 – FEBRUARY 13, 2020

Yet another 30 day sentence in FB Jail for the egregious offense of playfully calling someone a “dummy” in a MEME group primarily dedicated to attacking Trump. As one of precious few conservatives, I engaged in rigorous debate only to be treated to call-out posts and abuse of my profile picture by other members.

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January 8, 2018
Occupy Democrats Parody

Our primary page admin has been blocked from fulfilling the important duties and responsibilities associated with managing a 31,000 plus like Facebook page.  Apparently a dated post from sometime last year caught the attention of an easily triggered SJW on Zucker’s staff.

facebook censored block on dixie chicks post 7 day freeze

The current sentence is 7 days where even basic “like” and messenger features are summarily disabled.  FB will not take phone calls so a visit to the Menlo Park facility may be required in hopes of finding out precisely how a perfectly polite post crossed “funny” into “violation” by whatever narrow margin.

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November 4, 2017
Occupy Democrats Parody

Today I’m barred from responding to posts or otherwise participating on FB on ANY account.  This includes Occupy Democrats Parody.

Apparently they didn’t like it when I dared to respond to a post about the ironically named #ANTIFA that Zuckerberg likes to coddle.   It seems describing them with the acronym for “Fascist American Gay Soldiers” touched a raw nerve.

antifa gay

I’ll have much more to say here and on FB once the 72 hour sentence has been faithfully served.  That’s when our #FREEEDUCATION will resume.  Meanwhile you can follow us here and on Twitter.

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What the Zuck!? ODP Targeted for Harassment by Facebook!

April 13, 2017
Updated April 18, 2017

Occupy Democrats Parody

Suddenly I noticed dialogs popping asking for FB login credentials.  Assuming my page was hacked or I was otherwise logged off, I returned to my open FB browser tab to find a big message informing me of some post that was removed and a punitive blocking from posting on ANY PAGE for a period of 24 hours.

Screen Shot 2017-04-13 at 10.43.25 PM
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