No Nukes is Good Nukes, Why You Should Kill your Microwave

Occupy Democrats Parody
May 17, 2018

Many years ago I had heard from a friend that his wife never ever cooked with a microwave.  I was a bit puzzled by what seemed an arbitrary, and awfully inconvenient commitment to avoid what I was first inclined to dismiss as an imaginary health threat.

Much later when SmartMeters were introduced, a concerned family member had purchased some equipment that takes readings on environmental non-ionizing radiation.  Before given opportunity to borrow $800 or so worth of equipment, I had noticed that mom-in-law had begun favoring our own microwave oven as a convenient alternative to more conventional rice cooking methods.

The microwave method involved using the microwave oven at its highest setting for a full 15 minutes, which is oddly slower than the 10 minutes we now achieve using an Insta-Pot.  When I took measurements around the microwave I was amazed at the high levels of EMF in the room many feet away from the oven while it was cooking.

I determined this activity was basically a health hazard to any in the kitchen while this long cooking process was underway, and I had noticed that she had cooked rice in this manner when the kids were present at a very nearby kitchen table.

From that point on, the microwave was never used to cook rice.  But we still used it for the usual warm-ups that we’re all accustomed to.

About a year later the microwave was making strange sounds and didn’t appear to be functioning properly.  Since I had become wary of using it just for the concern about environmental radiation and possible human health effects, I elected to make do without calling the GE Profile repair man.

I was quite surprised when I realized that reheating food was often just as easy by using a teflon pan on a gas range with a touch of added water and a lid… and/or the convection capable toaster oven.  So several years went by without missing the microwave whatsoever.

Now what of the food quality questions.  In theory the microwave oven really only excited water molecules and shouldn’t have any other specific effect on the food it’s cooking with the exception of uneven cooking and the absurd “hot spots” most of us know about.

Now those exceedingly high temperatures in specific pockets of a food being heated or cooked in this matter does actually create carcinogens.  But what of cancer killing nutrients that are found in foods like broccoli.

Well now some are suggesting there are other problems.

“Research suggests microwaving food causes a chemical reaction that destroys essential nutrients, leading some to assert that this method of heating is one of the worst ways to prepare meals.

Natural News previously reported that, not only does microwaving obliterate important vitamins and plant-based (phyto) nutrients, but it molecularly deconstructs food. The result is a meal full of empty calories, free from fiber and nutrition.”

Screen Shot 2018-05-17 at 11.35.27 AM

Well obviously most of us might take the apparent attack on microwave cooking as one more of many headaches in the form of “things to worry about.”  And only you can decide what’s right for you, but for now, I’d recommend at least taking my own opinions and followup choices as “food for thought.”

©2018 Occupy Democrats Parody

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