Unmasking Robert Mueller

November 28, 2018
Updated May 30, 2019
ODP Staff

Robert Mueller was put in charge of a Special Counsel that formed as direct result of a rather surprising move by Jeff Sessions to self recuse in the absurd business of Libtard Conspiracy Theories concerning “Russian hacking. ”  Mueller already had a long history of engaging in dubious if not outright criminal activities for Democrats and phony “conservatives” alike.  

His disqualifying relationship with criminal Comey makes his each and every day of his ongoing and open ended investigation an unlawful operation.

Mueller was trusted by Obama to continue running the FBI through much of 2013, and was apparently instrumental at planting the seeds of corruption that turned a once comparatively honest agency into more of a junior CIA. 

And his cozy relationship to Comey is hardly the end of the list of conflicts that delegitimize his long running scam.  And Trump’s exercise of restraint to let him carry on amounts to good strategy. 

So far Mueller and his team of bullies has been far to busy tossing the stinking corpses of Democrat corruption back into the sea to fish out as much as an unpaid parking ticket on Trump. 

But of course his game of “dirty cop” has destroyed all lives in the path of his KGB style “investigation” as he presses hard on tax issues and other unrelated matters that could be applied against most anyone to apply pressure to turn on Trump.  In spite of tactics that would have had the ACLU screaming bloody murder a few years ago, Mueller has still come up empty. 

And now, after almost two years of coverup for Democrats disguised as an “investigation,” and intense bullying of an increasingly large circle of any who dared participate in Trump’s campaign, even the leftist media are beginning to drop hints that the Krassenstein and Dwarfkin crowds are in for some big disappointments.

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Well, there’s a lot behind the scenes and plenty of skeletons in Mueller’s own closet.  He’s apparently the man that blocked followup 911 investigations to the delight of Saudis and the Bush/Clinton collaborative.  He’s helped Obama scrub all Muslims from FBI databases to render “background checks” useless to the degree that Pulse Shooter, in spite of several FBI engagements, retained a clean enough record to have clearance not only to buy guns, but to work with clearance as a Security Guard. 

This presentation has been removed from Youtube for obvious reasons, but fortunately ODP had first taken a copy which is reposted to our own channel.  Please enjoy and download before the censors remove this amazing slice of Mueller shocking history.


After sitting on his big report through the 2018 elections to rig that one for the Democrats and further corrupt Congress, Muller finally came out to share a few of his own words.

Rather than testifying before the newly corrupted Congress of Apes, he chose another format. And in his little farewell press conference, he made the following mostly factual but absurd statements to toss a big red herring to Democrats and further divide the country.

The main takeaway from his parting shots was that he believed Barr and the Department of Justice have been acting in “good faith.” This obliterates the Democrat notions that Barr has been acting as, quoting the wildly insane Senator Crazy Mazie Hirono, “Trump’s personal attorney.”

This was a bit ironic since Holder who obstructed Fast and Furious hearings to the point of finally, but only after nearly a year of belligerence being held in Contempt of Congress. As some of us remember, he literally referred to himself as “Obama’s wingman!”

Then he said something amazingly insane that’s technically not “false,” but indicative of extreme prejudice and ignorance of juris prudence. “We have not found sufficient evidence to prove the President’s innocence!” Was that his job? Is that how justice works in some country other than a Communist run Banana Republic?

Then he went back to the “report speaks for itself” nonsense meaning to direct attention not to the “we found no evidence” of the underlying crime, but all the childish grade school ramblings in the remaining pages about the imaginary “process crimes” which, where admittedly not proven, listed countless “might haves” and “could haves” where actions and statements by the President might have described a personal desire to inconvenience the ongoing multi-year “investigation” into “not a crime.”

Of course his final big poison dart was to deflect on how a sitting President could not be “indicted” by “long standing policies” and the Constitution, which, as he intended, was read by dopey Democrats as “he is guilty and otherwise would have been indicted!” This was also a lie because he previously told Barr and Rosenstein the opposite.

This was the biggest red herring, and the Democrat politicians, their media accomplices, and dopey base are now gnawing on it like rabid dogs. So he basically tossed out this wild drivel as a last poison dart before he marches off into his sunset of “private life.”

In reality Dr. Jerome Corsi is the likely real hero in otherwise finishing off this stupid and bottomless “investigation.”

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Meanwhile in Libtardia…

The leftist’s version of Juris Prudence is “Guilty until proven innocent!”

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