Question: Who is the Best President? Answer:

October 31, 2020
Updated September 6, 2022

Ever since Donald Trump came down the escalator to announce his run for his first ever political office, the establishment elites have deployed every possible resource at their disposal against him.

Many have been trained by their TV’s and social media to believe Trump had “stolen the Presidency” and is “out to enrich himself,” and all of their media puppets have been repeating that he’s “Hitler,” a “White Supremacist,” a “Fascist,” a very bad “womanizer,” a “rapist,” a “liar,” a “thief,” a “con man,” and especially a big “racist!”

Meanwhile, some who don’t rely on their TV set for their every opinion have formed very different opinions, and some assess him, based on nearly a century of personal life experience, to be the greatest President in their lifetime.

An immigrant based his assessment of Trump based on several decades of his own experience in America, as the “best President since sliced bread.”

Were it not for an impressive media manipulation, the public wouldn’t be so divided, but of course, as he was originally promoted by a late Phyllis Schlafly who begged Trump to run, he is the best “anti-left” force ever to step foot into the White House in more than a century.

Full article from her Phyllis Schlafly Report

Amazingly the media accomplices to America’s Party of Crime have portrayed Trump as “a liar,” and “a criminal,” when he’s, as a matter of fact, the most honest President (measured by his steadfast fidelity to campaign promises,) in anyone’s memory. He’s not only kept his own better than any since or before Ronald Reagan, but he’s shown great interest and resourcefulness in seeing one of Barack Obama’s only good campaign promises fulfilled!

Of course the left has been so brainwashed they believe no wall has been built, and that Mexico never paid a penny into the system that secures our Southern Border, in spite of the fact that even their own Jorge has been whining and crying about the amazing success.

And were it not for alternative media, few of any of us would believe that more than a few inches of wall had been erected.

As for the implication that “being investigated” amounts to “being corrupt” or even “criminal,” the ongoing open ended political witch hunt conducted by Weissman (under the branding of Robert Mueller,) and a team of 13 Democrat Lawyers had the unintended effect of proving Trump to be about the most squeaky clean entrepreneur on the planet.

And in spite of a veritable circus of phony “witnesses,” paraded in front of Congress and media cameras for nearly four solid years, somehow none of Trump’s accusers ever so much as slipped on a banana peel.

As for the foolish notions of a “terrible racist” President Trump, that’s been debunked in every which way. But it’s difficult to break the spell the DNC and media accomplices put on the useful idiot half of America.

Here the brainwashing of the public on the issue is dismantled in a highly informative and entertaining manner.

CIA Google apparently didn’t like a black man having an opinion that mocks the foolish “Trump is a racist!” narrative pushed by the Deep State, so they TOOK DOWN his whole account. The original video was, fortunately preserved and appears below.
Isn’t it amazing that CIA Google would feel a need to take down this brilliant presentation that demonstrates how absurd the claims of “rAciSt tRuMp!” are by the left.

And all the nonsense about “very fine people” being misrepresented to apply magically to “white supremacists” has also been completely dismantled while Biden continues to repeat the most wild lies with impunity and less any fact checking.

White Supremacy Hoax

Now is Trump a perfect man in every way? Probably not, but for the job to which he’s been assigned, he’s certainly close enough, and now we should Pray for President Trump, his family, and the America he’s been sent to spare from a living Hell on Earth offered by Democrats.

©2020 WarOnPress

One Obama man loses the title, while the other steals the honor from the ladies!

Before Trump declared war on the Pedo Elite, even Swamp Hollywood loved him

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