Fundamentalist Transformation

April 11, 2019
Updated May 22, 2019
ODP Staff

It is so very important to respect American Muslims enough to listen to their message carefully, particularly in those rare moments when they describe their objectives with such candor and clarity as in this 1986 speech:

1986 speech that offers rare honesty concerning Islam’s plan to do the opposite of assimilation

Whereas some will immediately hear alarm bells ringing, a couple of followers on our Facebook page reached for some balance:

And this inspired our own response:

Islam isn’t strictly a religion. The word literally means “submission.” Christians evangelize. Muslims perform conquest. And the ideology is includes a complete system of government and law that is entirely incompatible with our existing system, Constitution and expectation of freedoms.

If you listen to her whole speech she goes on about schools and offering Islamic texts, teaching Arabic, and otherwise converting the host population to her alien way of life.

She also goes on about a daughter that corrects teachers who call her “American” with a reflexive “No!, I’m a Muslim” response.

They will celebrate all of our freedoms only insofar as they can be manipulated against us.

And if you believe the fact that Islam is not a fastest growing religion IN AMERICA is a neutral or even “good” thing, find an example of a country with even as little as 5% Muslim population that you’d consider to be a “Free Country.”

Now… none of this is to say that Muslims shouldn’t exist nor dominate some countries. But it is naive to think of spread of Islam in America as anything other than a subversive effort to OVERTHROW our Constitution and EVERY SIGNIFICANT ASPECT of OUR way of life.

And that’s largely why this 1950’s law was passed to mitigate the threat of importation of it.

Of course they are. We all share a common humanity. But… there are Pro-Americans and then there are anti-Americans. The latter do a lousy job of assimilating as SHOULD be an expectation of ALL new immigrants.

Adding some personal perspective, my grandfather came here to become and be “an American” and only that.

Any Islamics who come here to have us assimilate to their regressive culture should be read this little poem on their way out!

Regrettably, the Borg could land in a space ship on the Washington Mall, and liberals would screech about their “civil rights” and “freedom of religion.”

And speaking of reverse-assimilation, their accomplices in government “clarified” a 181 year old “hat ban” to accommodate the Islamic takeover of Congress.

Whereas America is largely about accepting others, freedom of religion, and free speech, we also need to recognize when the Democratic aspects and traditions of tolerance are being exploited to deliver us to a reimagined America that is anything but.

I personally believe a small population of Muslims in our nation is sustainable and should be treated well, but for those who are reasonably assimilated, the worst thing we can do is deliver the good ones to the very sort of place from which many escaped.

And while schemers and their indoctrinated useful idiots will cry about so-called “Constitutional rights” of migration of Muslims, in fact any such importation is in defiance of that sensible aforementioned law passed in the 50’s.

There are various theories, many that have been scrubbed by the modern equivalence of book burners running Youtube, but while I search to see if I can find one that describes what happens at various milestones of Islamic population percentages, I’d ask any readers who believe this “fear mongering propaganda” to see if they can find a single country with a Muslim population of 5% or more that they would consider anything that could be described as “a free country.”

©2019 Occupy Democrats Parody

Even the more moderate of Islamic clerics take great risk to warn of the vile plot to form Islamic-State in every host nation.
Somali juveniles doing what Somalis do at the expense of peace and security of Minneapolis residents. FULL ARTICLE

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