Islamic Hell Consumes the Soul of France

April 16, 2019
Updated April 20, 2019
Occupy Democrats Parody

In just a few hours a labor of two centuries is consumed by flames. While children of France weep for the most important and long standing structure ever to grace the Parisian landscape, an alien culture shows precious little concern for concealing a very different attitude about the unfolding spectacle of fire.

Two “Frenchmen” beam with pride over the apparent success in taking a recent epidemic of attacks on Christian Churches throughout Paris to the next level.

The strong stench of diversity drifts with smoke across the landscape of a defeated nation. And while the more brash of conquering invaders chant “Allahu Akbar” in the streets, others take to social media to express their satisfaction.

Officials in France have a long and well established history of aiding and abetting France’s new population of hostile immigrants. So absurd claims of having “ruled out,” any form of “arson,” comes as no surprise.

No tragedy is complete without a few good insults to public intelligence. And they are apparently presumed such fools as to accept the officials know what “wasn’t the cause,” less any accompanying explanation of what is! Paired with the Clouseau-esque promise to investigate only, as yet unidentified “non-voluntary” causes, it rivals some of the French “stinky cheeses,” in what reeks as a cover-up.

Of course all the “professional journalists,” have taken to type out just how wrong any exploration done by any but the anointed legacy media. And at risk of offending CNN, and BBC, we’ll do just that.

Video clip shows suspicious presence at the cathedral.

Original Tweet

Whether or not the very “impartial” investigation reveals the Notre Dame Fire to have originated as the latest expression of a long run of attacks against churches throughout a conquered France, the celebrations by the hoards of hostile migrants tells us all we need to know about how that whole Merkel Plan is working out.

And ultimately a Notre Dame that survived NAZI occupation, the French Revolution, along with 900 years of “catastrophic global warming,” proved quite vulnerable to the modern day occupation of Moslem Conquest.

The timing of this event certainly doesn’t do much to support the various coincidence theories circulated and amplified by main stream media. Their hyper vigilant efforts to avoid any offense to Islamic terrorists comes as no surprise.

Flames ignited the very Monday after Palm Sunday certainly raise more than eyebrows. The disruption to Christianity’s most significant annual multi day celebration of Paschal Triduum, which starts on Holy Thursday continues through the evening prayer on Easter Sunday, certainly delivers another kind of burn.

It is hard to measure how such destruction tears at the heart and soul of the religious, or even the despair brought to many who recognize Notre Dame as a central architectural monument to the glory of Western Civilization. Still we can be well assured that France’s newest population of hostile and parasitic invaders will openly express the greatest delight as the heart of Paris burns at their feet.

©2019 Occupy Democrats Parody

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