Swalwell Announces Run for Presidency on LateNight

April 9, 2019
Updated January 3, 2021
ODP Staff

A former Dublin, California assemblyman Eric Swalwell had once maintained a reputation as a sensible moderate. In his first bid for Congress, he made precious little mention that he was running as a Democrat.

San Ramon Town Hall December 2, 2017. Hat, nose and glasses added via Photoshop as editorial comment, but otherwise “undoctored.”

Since he took his seat in Congress roughly 6 years ago, he’s been making great leftward leaps to prove himself a true blue Democrat. And as a followup to his self humiliation as a prominent spokesperson for the great Russian Collusion Hoax, he’s stepped up his comedic game as the 18th candidate to throw their hat in as a hopeful for the Democrat nomination in the coming 2020 Presidential race.

His announcement delivered something funny to the otherwise drab and humorless droning that characterizes the new late night “comedy.”

And there can be no second guessing his amazing efforts in his rapid transformation from a soft spoken, reasonable moderate to anything but.

“Worth a shot.” Eric Swalwell takes aim at the Presidency with semi-automatic pistol.

He’s been showing up on every possible television broadcast selling the Russian collusion conspiracy theories with a frequency that rivals his likeminded comrade Adam Schift, aka “Shifty Schiff” or “Little Adam Schit” as he’s called by our President.

And in addition to following Schiff’s lead on his bug eyed crazy revival of a new red scare, he’s picked up all the other pieces of the contemporary “what it means to be a Democrat,” inclusive of a full blown nuclear war against the Constitution and our right to “keep and bear arms.”

In addition to his special relationship with the Constitution as a bonafide betrayer of that Oath of Office, he “me too’s” virtually all of the foolish notions presently embraced by the sorry set of Democrats that remain after a massive “walkaway” movement drove the last sensible of their ranks to an Independent, or GOP affiliation.

Eric appears to ring all the other libtard bells ranging from ending all floods and fires by “fixing” what he calls “climate chaos,” to full blown Health Marxism. But we must give him credit for his own, rather unique solution for what is arguably his biggest ambition of gun grabbing!

©2019 Occupy Democrats Parody

Marc Dice summarizes things pretty well here:

The clowning never stops.


Even after Eric Swalwell has proven to the world that he’s an asset to Chinese Spies, he’s only escalating his wild lies and dangerous anti-American rhetoric.

From “we have nukes” to gun owners, to wildly irresponsible language to project his own anti-Americanism on the brave Senators and Congressmen committing to election integrity, The Chinese Asset Swalwell’s “gifts” keep coming.

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