Stupid Questions: “Why are you so afraid of these people coming here?”

May 20, 2019
Occupy Democrats Parody

The left is basically programmed to ascribe any sensible concerns about unfiltered mass immigration, or a wide variety of other issues to some sort of “fears” that are disconnected from the rationality and logic their narcissism informs guides only “liberal” or “leftist” thoughts.

Whereas much time is spent on our suppressed FaceBook page on the great many concerns, some of our more dedicated trolls still genuinely seem bewildered that anyone would have anything bad to say about “caravans” and whatever else might hop, jump or crawl across an open border.

Rather than providing the same multi-part answer over and over again, I figured I’d add this one to our “rolodex” of prewritten arguments the deploy each and every time such an absurd question gets repeated.

The many reasons I have sensible concerns are stated often here!

1. NWO “Replacement Migration” plot to jam incompatible populations together and create civil strife so they can ultimately assume control in the aftermath.

2. Our Democratic processes leave us susceptible to being outnumbered by ignorant fools that cannot even write or read in their OWN language dumped in to vote for Socialism

3. 100% of crime by #illegals is preventable crime, and it’s expensive to maintain a prison population or send them home 6, 7 times to have them arrive again and performing more of the same crimes.

4. Flooding low skills has a dire effect on the wages of Americans at all skill levels that isn’t solved by legislating a new higher minimum wage.

5. Reintroduction of once eradicated diseases cannot be cured by poisoning our own children with vaccines that a. Are NOT effective, b. NOT safe, c. do NOT cover the wide range of problems which include scabies, TB, lice, and even some medieval diseases making a comeback, d. Only a moron would expect so-called “Herd Immunity” theory to work when nobody ever closes the farm gates.

6. What I believe to be $225 Billion in overall cost of changing diapers, free #AnchorBaby deliveries, removing bullets, treating or supplying drug users, incarceration, court processing, schooling, disease treatment, policing, could be better spent on our own #SafetyNet programs, or more ideally on elimination of #IncomeTax.

7. The importation of terror may seem like a “nothing to worry about” by indoctrinated #LEFTARDS that believe #Islam is about “freedom of religion,” and as history and current events throughout Europe and other parts of the world verify, once the full magnitude of THAT threat is realized it will be TOO LATE to deal with it without mass inarceration, removal, or elimination of whatever threat you invite.

8. Leftards like to talk about sustainability. An open door to attract welfare mooches from around the world is NOT sustainable and it’s only a matter of time and numbers until we can no longer “have nice things.”

Hope this helps clear things up for you Kellogg.


Hopefully this doesn’t leave anything to to wonder about. The left’s new and untenable “open borders” position amounts to a plot to destroy our nation in accordance of the wishes expressed in the United Nations “Replacement Migration,” scheme. And the political party they dominate defies their own recently stated positions as part of a concerted effort to steer the great ship of America into the ice berg of chaos, financial ruin, socialism and global control.

The Democratic Party leadership mostly know what they are doing, but the majority of their low information base are being led as sheep to a slaughter. And even Antifa is smarter than most of their base of voters. When they chant “No Boders! No Wall! No USA at all!” they at least demonstrate sufficient intelligence to make the connection.

©2019 Occupy Democrats Parody

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