The “IRONy” of the Left’s Selective Outrage Over Trump’s Weekend Golf

April 29, 2019
Updated October 12, 2019
Occupy Democrats Parody

Precious little of Trump’s personal business hasn’t been exploited by main stream media and their audience of fools to mischaracterize Trump’s Presidency. Whereas it’s certainly possible that Trump outperforms Obama’s subpar performance on the golf course, and it’s also likely that Obama spent more of his own larger slice of personal time on a basketball court, or ping pong, most discerning Americans are rather more focussed on his work related performance. And clearly, in this realm, there’s no comparison.

Obama’s own appearances on the golf course typically served as a breather after whichever of many latest “accomplishment” in his willful destruction of the country. His posing as golfer also often served as a symbol of defiance against whichever of numerous crisis directly resulting from his own policy.

Barack also entertained some of the worlds most nefarious terror sponsors on the golf course for additional optics that align neatly with his global masters and their own “code” which requires that the public be informed of every installment of evil that brings us nearer to that “Post American World.”

The timing of Obama’s subpar golfing attempts were often a subject of righteous criticism…


…as was the dubious quality of various characters he’d choose as golf buddies!


Most that actually play golf realize that there are certain aspects of it that relate to business. However much the left might care to obsess about a septuagenarian’s time of reflection, meditation, and even some big decisions and deal making that are best accomplished in the course of eighteen holes, whatever critique mustered up by Obama worshippers amounts to slicing golf balls from a glass house!

George Soros’ purse dog lil’ Scotty Dwarfkin gets particularly outraged by Trump’s weekend golf.

And however ridiculous the optics of Obama’s untimely appearances at Martha’s Vinyard, or some course in Hawaii, most Americans breathed a sigh of relief that he was, at least for the duration of his swing-and-miss game of golf, he was kept away from his other habit of knocking America into every sand trap!

And however we slice it, the anti-Americans should be pleased to see Trump on the golf course as a welcome break from all the many good works on America’s behalf when “the Don” is more directly engaged in seeing through the many campaign promises collectively known as his “Contract with America.”

©2019 Occupy Democrats Parody

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