Remembering Obama’s War on Press

August 23, 2019
Updated October 24, 2022

Rolling Stone was beginning to dabble in some real investigative journalism, but that emerging reputation for “cutting edge” and “fit to print” content crashed and burned in an amazing fireball on June 18, 2013.

His last story, “Why Democrats Love to Spy On Americans”, was published by BuzzFeed just over a week before on June 7, 2013, but perhaps his resolve to fight back against what he described as Obama’s “War Against Press,” firmed up Brennan’s CIA’s resolve to neutralize the threat.

It’s particularly interesting that while he was working on an expose on Brennan, himself, he began to report to friends that he believed his Mercedes was “being tampered with,” and were it not for that, it would probably be time for the German munchkins on Mercedes Benz’s engineering team to have a rather big safety meeting in the aftermath of the spectacular fireball that purportedly resulted from a car crash.

Of course the unfortunate Michael Hastings was not the first big victim of Obama and his accomplices in their efforts to rule over media with the sort of firm grip the likes of FDR had deployed to make “the press” into an effective PR department to their White House.

Obama had sent spies into Fox and other media outlets to ensure the messaging gleefully carried by the sycophants of CNN, MSNBC, NBC, ABC, NPR and others wasn’t meaningfully contradicted by the one TV news network that sometimes mixed in tidbits of truth to balance out their own Shep Smith propaganda.

Of course Breitbart’s founder would suffer his own fate on the very eve of an announced “bombshell” that, per Andrew, would “take down the Obama Presidency.” And from some of his final Tweets, it’s rather clear he recognized he was taking some of his own risks.

Disclaimer: According to one source, the Coroner that died from arsenic poisoning referenced in the bottom right frame was not the same as the individual that performed Andrew Breitbart’s autopsy. The other facts are unchallenged inclusive that the magical “heart attack” was on the VERY EVE of his “bombshell anouncement” he claimed would “take down the Obama Presidency.

The rest of the media treated this amazing “coincidence” with sufficiently little attention, that most don’t even remember the amazing timing of Breitbart’s “heart attack,” nor do they know a thing about the man who performed the autopsy who apparently found continuation of his own life at odds with plans of the Deep State.

Even Thoughty, a “Never Trumper” realizes that Breitbart was very likely murdered by Obama CIA
Somehow “the Free Press” forgot to circle wagons, and take any case to the courts when Obama summarily removed and stripped Press Pass from Brenda Lee.

Obviously the left wouldn’t stop with the above two, and have made great efforts to silence voices they don’t like, primarily by defamation and boycott campaigns with the help of “Direct from the Soros” NGO’s like Media Matters. And of course the crony capitalists they have in their back pocket in “Big Tech” couldn’t be more eager to do their own part in censorship of any voices that might reveal inconvenient truths.

Mildly retarded Chris Murphy, the “Constitution State’s” Senator is all too easy to collude with Big Tech to take down any voice that call for questioning the State version of “truth.”

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Of course the REAL liars that call REAL destruction and loss of lives get a pass

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