Why It May Be Too Late for Justice Reform

January 7, 2021
Updated October 24, 2022

While the left had been busy with four years worth of attacks on the Executive Branch, the Judiciary and Legislative Branches have been having a big party in the realm of “Abuse of Power.”

The same ideologues posing as “judges” and “lawyers,” that found a 7 times deported illegal, simply “not guilty” of any charges in the wake of a cold blooded murder of a daughter who bled away the rest of what started as a lovely, sunny, San Francisco day, try “self defense” as “murder.”

Judge and jury found the 7 times deported illegal that was aided and abetted by SF DA, and provided his weapon by an FBI agent (also not charged for improper storage,) murders a beautiful woman in cold blood in broad daylight. The corrupted SF Court found him “not guilty,” of any charge at all. Not even any of California’s strict gun laws violated could outweigh what he represented to those who thought they were making a big statement about President Trump.

Meanwhile the attitudes about a legitimate self defense case with one Kyle Rittenhouse are markedly different.

This is but one sample of the childish antics by the left who suddenly believe in a “death penalty” to satisfy the rage and hate fueled by the MKUltra media and rigged Social Media that feeds them their every opinion.

As we see these wildly different approaches of “justice” that follow agenda and party lines, it becomes clear that Justice is corruptible, and all but a precious few that demonstrate some integrity, are enrolled to serve elite masters and their protected class of offenders.

Meanwhile, any political enemies of the royalty that owns most of the Judiciary, are treated processed with extreme prejudice. In the case of Oliver Stone, an Obama Judge works her magic of wild double standards in an attempt to secure a 9 year sentence for a citizen that, to the best of any available information, appears to be “guilty” only of being a big mouth, having been active on the Trump campaign, and may have “lied,” to the full time liars infesting the FBI that was weaponized by Obama.

In the case of a whistleblowers, the hypocrisy only becomes more astounding. The likes of Chiarmella who offered 3rd party complaints about something proven a hoax are given such extreme protection that the mere mention of their name on social media or publicly is subject to censure and censorship.

In contrast, legitimate whistleblowers are either destroyed publicly and in legal actions that drain their last penny from savings, destroy their families, and even lead to incarceration…

Or they’re quietly dealt with in a more permanent manner, and if any reporting happens, it certainly won’t be on the front pages of NY Times.

A whistleblower that was reporting on Obama’s shenanigans that included clear cases of aiding and abetting terrorists was ultimately “suicided.” Many other witnesses and journalists were added to that long list during Obama’s War on Press.

One would think that a literal School Shooter Training Camp might result in some firm rulings, or at least some reporting. But again the corrupted Judiciary works in concert with the CIA controlled MSM to convert the most outrageous headline news and trial into a back pager.

Countless big cases are quietly ruled on with soft gloves, while others are dropped using the standard firewall of the left (protecting their political class,) called “lack of standing!”

And if the police do a little too much of their own investigation, a corrupt Soros DA will quickly hand the case up to the Democrat Infested FBI where they will kill any further exploration with the same amazing effectiveness as they did with Hunter Biden’s laptop.

DA Fox was desperately attempting to hand the Smollet case up to FBI to be ignored, when uncooperative police made what they had already learned very public.

Now invariably judges are people. What the left call out as “conservative judges” are the few that take their job seriously enough to follow the Constitution and render fair punishments for legitimate crimes. These are also the ones that might be called upon to hear out cases that the leftist version of “Judge” will dismiss, and also to permit prosecutors to drop cases.

One leftist ideologue in particular wildly betrayed the whole concept of “sitting judge,” by playing the role of an activist prosecutor in the case of General Flynn.

He took all kinds of unprecedented actions to show the world that he had a personal interest in seeing a conviction based on his (or his handlers’) “axe to grind.”

In Flynn case, the “sitting judge” assumes dual roles of judge and prosecutor.

And many judges that are packaged as “conservatives,” prove themselves just as capable of corruption and as much an accomplice to leftist agenda as the most obvious of leftist hacks on a bench.

The same Justice Roberts that gave an effective pass to the Pennsylvania Supreme Activists on their last hour legislation to bypass legislators with their own new Election Law, was apparently overheard using “riots” as an excuse to betray his duties with respect to the clear case of rampant and systemic Democrat Vote Fraud that concentrated on overturning Trump leads in all “battleground” States.

One might assume that someone “got to him,” with the kind of threats made publicly by the Joker of D.C., Chucky Schumer. But his past actions on Obamacare proved that he was a full blown tool of the left, whether by his own lack of character, or as it may relate to his name being on that Epstein Island flight log (per reports.)

In the case of Obamacare, if he liked the law, he had an option to explain where it failed the test of the Constitution, and then hand it back to the legislature to make any required changes. Nothing would prevent him from offering them some guidance to ensure the next revised law would pass muster with founding principles.

He instead rewrote the law (in procedural violation of the Constitution,) to affirm Obamacare as a legitimate “law of the land.” And the reason was clear. The House had just been turned to Republican control, and so sending it back would have meant that he wouldn’t get it back.

So, clearly he’s not just a cowardly lion, but a proven tool against the Republic that feeds him generously for the balance of his lifetime on the court as Chief Justice.

There’s yet another serious problem in our courts. And that comes in the form of dead witnesses.

Another way the ruling elite control the courts is to simply prevent the message from getting into a courtroom in the first place.

This would be something that we might address with a justice reform which treats any deposition of the newly deceased as “still evidence.” Sure the innocent darling that arranged the murder might no longer be able to do the same kind of interactive cross examination of their testimony, but maybe it’s good for the accused to hope that the witness is still breathing on the day of the big trial, rather than reaping the biggest rewards possible for the standard “no show,” for reasons of “poor health.”

A system by the elites to reward their own criminals.

Now that the extraordinary and super human efforts by attorneys, witnesses, whistleblowers, legislators, and a broad base of supporters around the world getting erased in the last hours, there might be even less hope.

The swamp accounts for most of Washington, and when most have their hands in cookie jars, there is a great reluctance on the part of the larger governing bodies to surrender their privilege. And of course there’s even greater resistance and even risks taken by those who are facing incarceration or even the more customary rewards for their treason.

Vile Fascists on Twitter gloat over weaponized justice.

In this battle, it came down to one man, most of his family, and a small circle of good men and women that stayed true to his big ideas and mission for “We the People.”

President Trump must be the most dedicated and energetic septuagenarian to ever serve an important role in politics. But ever since the morning of November 4th, there’s been multiple betrayals every day by the courts, and ultimately by those he counted on for the only remaining possible remedy to a blatantly stolen election.

So however astounding Trump’s efforts in appointing what he believed to be “good judges,” and however much he offered to allies in the legislature in support and the chance of a safe world for all of our children, there was never a single door kicked down for any of that long list of criminals we were all desperately hoping to see brought to justice.

Mr. Reagan offers a clear and logical explanation why Trump’s plans to see justice brought to any of the Washington Swamp would not likely ever be realized.
Now that we’re defying the Constitution to run what are misrepresented as “Impeachments” on private citizen former Presidents, good Americans can only dream of it being applied to some REAL criminals. But alas, we’re now but a colony of China and their partners in the Global Cabal with the spectacle of a Harris-Biden-CCP administration in full control.

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