In Defense of Trump’s Magical Tweets

October 25, 2019
April 4, 2021
Occupy Democrats Parody

Many find Trump’s Tweets disconcerting, misleading, embarrassing, and even lethal*. Many of us have met, even among loyal Trump supporters those that, in spite of recognition for a job otherwise well done, will convey precious little appreciation for his “shocking,” and “distasteful,” smackdowns before cameras and more often on Jackolf’s personal webpage previously known as “platform.”

Kamala Harris takes her own concerns and issues to a level that she can’t even get the likes of Elizabeth Warren to accept. Apparently among those particularly butt hurt by a Presidential Tweet, she now campaigns on literally banning the President of the United States from Twitter. I’m assuming she’d plan to lift the ban just as soon as she slept her way into the White House.

Kamala’s hysterical antics make it crystal clear that Trump’s Tweets carry special powers.

Some believe that Trump’s special ability to and apparent daily habit of exploding liberal heads amounts to something of an unspoken campaign promise that’s been gloriously fulfilled! Whereas on the surface this may seem “mean spirited,” but in reality, by boiling a leftist’s inner lunacy to the surface, it makes all of their problems very apparent and might even enhance their chances for an intervention and ultimately to receive the mental healthcare they so desperately need.

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In addition to helping to identify treatable illness, Trump’s tweets also represent a direct and unfiltered channel to his 65,000,000 followers. Important announcements that would otherwise not be carried by the Media arm of the Democrat Party now get delivered without being selectively omitted, spun, nor otherwise mishandled by hoards of activists posing as “journalists.”

Some believe he may even intentionally drop a minor error as chum to stir up the media sharks into a wild frenzy echoing the more important messages on every channel! And from these whole new “brands” are born to further embed Trump into the psyche of the American Public!

Many critique Trump on the “personal attacks” and other insults that often get delivered both through his Twitter feed and in real time before cameras. In reality, Trump rarely ever initiates such business, and if anyone finds an example that isn’t better described as “returning punches,” please do enter those in the comments. And however, “unbecoming a President,” the wild, crude and vulgar insults he takes that are routinely directed at his family, and that sometimes include threats, are just as easily “unbecoming an American.”

Ultimately it’s time for the left and right to learn to enjoy the blessings delivered in each and every of Trump’s Tweets and his equally amazing and attention grabbing comments otherwise made before the world stage.

Through masterful use of Twitter and conventional media, Trump provides the essential updates to pro-American forces, helps to reveal mental problems in leftists that are reached directly on Twitter or through the ripples that spread well beyond social media, and to all but the humorless left, just plain fun.

The above feature includes content we believe unfair to Ted Cruz, but otherwise serves as a delightful celebration of Trump’s brilliant “trolling.”

*Trump’s Tweets have literally been blamed on a “premature” end to the nefarious Elijah Cummings by CNN “contributor” Dean Obeidallah!

Jesus Saves the Presidency!

©2019 Occupy Democrats Parody

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