Social Media Gulags: #FBJAIL

August 1, 2018
Updated January 27, 2023
ODP Staff

A pattern of abuse by the vile thought police at Facebook has resulted in several time-outs! And during the imposed “social distancing” most are enduring today, imposing a suspension of connecting to friends on social media that prohibits even personal messaging*, is particularly cruel and irresponsible.

I personally used, celebrated and promoted Facebook since I made the trade of personal information for what was promised to be a “better internet” in 2007. I encountered zero problems with the platform from then and through most of 2016. So a perfectly great experience for a full decade. And then, immediately after an election went the “wrong way,” the campaign of targeted harassment began.

At first, a 24 hour suspension over some minor business that I’ve frankly forgotten. Then 72 hours. Then a week. And subsequently over a full year of suspension of the three years that followed. Most over comments or memes that only a lunatic could construe as “violation” of anything.

The details for each installment in a campaign of harassment by Facebook are presented here in reverse chronological order.


After having shared a meme demonstrating vulgarity publicly shared all over social media by a particularly low IQ politician as part of a reelection campaign into a private group thread, the tag was immediately and apparently automatically flagged and removed for “sexual activity.” Somehow this offense resulted in a six day suspension.


After enjoying most of a recent trip to Central Europe with access to FB, I managed to preserve my use up until a fateful posting of a meme featuring Eric Swalwell. The meme featured an image of a woman sitting down across from Swalwell expressing concern for his gun grabber threats. His answer to, “you know I’m a gun owner,” was “you know we have nukes, right!” was a rather precise representation of his actual words. So somehow, this meme was characterized as some “incitement” or “threat of violence.” If that’s how they grade Swalwell’s own statement simply being called out by the meme, should the corrupt Congressman be the one put in jail for it?

Behold the meme that earned a full 30 days of separation from friends, family and other contacts for a “violation” of the Communist Standards.

EPISODE 30 – JULY 13, 2022

After an unusually long stretch of access to friends and family, two days ahead of my birthday, I spotted an alert that I posted a photo of a private and personal nature. The phone application didn’t let me even see what this was about, so as one might imagine I was becoming rather concerned and made a special trip home to get to a computer.

As it turned out it was a meme featuring one of Hunter’s special laptop pictures clad in underwear. This is the same image that’s literally been on billboards, and here they were treating this as a “violation” as if I took non-public posts from another account, or otherwise made public personal photos of a normal individual. Of course this was contested, and ultimately the news came back that it was “reviewed” and still deemed “a violation.” For accidentally sharing a single Hunter Biden meme, I was knocked out from July 13 for a full 30 days. Apparently I was in good company, since two days later, a good friend that has the same birthday got his own present from the Holy Mother Zucker for a meme comparing Biden’s Hitleresque Hate Speech with Hitler.

EPISODE 29 – JANUARY 27, 2022

After enjoying a couple days of access, I was removed yet again with a triple whammy that, for the first time, brought a sentence of yet another 30 days for the “violation” of sharing an article to my “Globalist Pricks” page from my this very website.

Full article Pediatric Heart Attacks and Strokes are Being Passed Off as “Normal” by Globalist Propaganda. They are Not.

The fact that they don’t want anyone sharing facts about the epidemic of pediatric strokes and kid heart attacks further proves that Zuckerberg is an accomplice in the genocide and would need to be held accountable to the same standards and remedies applied in the first Nuremberg Trials.

But, alas since he’s part of the bloodline or royal elites, he’ll not likely see himself in the crosshairs of justice less the magic of humanity finally rising up against the global elite that control our government, medicine, “science,” and, increasingly, every last breath taken by the “useless breathers” they believe a plague upon the Earth for their respective Carbon Footprints.

EPISODE 28 – DECEMBER 25, 2022

Placed in 30 days of FB Jail for a meme that accurately compared “common cold” symptoms with the mildness of the symptoms of “Omicron” as reported on television. This was yet another Christmas Present from the Holy Mother Zuckerberg delivered on Christmas Day.

EPISODE 27 – OCTOBER 3, 2021 – Back in for a false “Bullying and Harassment” charge

Was spending some time correcting lefties on the ACLU page, and a challenge about how the ACLU didn’t appear to care at all about the medical rape of the so-called COVID “vaccine,” was interpreted as “bullying and harassment.” And so begins another suspension.

On the bright side my new “Social Media Taliban” shirt arrived today, so I can wear a statement that cannot be banned nor deleted on my chest while I wait until however much access I’ll be granted on November 2.

EPISODE26 – SEPTEMBER 3, 2021 – “Free” but still restricted

I was anticipating opportunity to promote an album release now with what I believed was full access to my account. I was surprised to learn that my access excluded posting any new content to any of my pages including the Musical Artist page most essential for promoting my release. The status informed that yet another 30 days would need to pass before access to that essential bit of functionality. Fortunately I had assigned an alternate administrator who was able to help with some urgent posting needs, otherwise regaining access would have been a rather hollow victory.

EPISODE25 – AUGUST 3, 2021 – For sharing a FB post to my own page.

One might get an idea that something posted on Facebook should be OK to share to your own page. In this case I was sentenced another 30 days of suspension for sharing a doctor’s claims about the most dangerous “shot” to ever be fraudulently marketed as “vaccine,” from another account. Oddly the video remained up on the other account whenever I checked on it for at least several days after my suspension began.

Additionally the same post had been up since July 29, which was several days, without incident, before my apparent “violation” of simply sharing it to my own wall.

EPISODE24 – JUNE 12, 2021 – “For calling out the sociopath lifestyle of the Communist and their “kill muh landlord!” attitudes.

In a private debate group I was offering rather focused attention on a Marxist that literally believes defending private property to be “violent aggression,” while promoting the notion that “grandma” who loses her rental income “should have known that landlords were enemies of the Communist utopia.”

Within minutes of submitting the comment for review, the final determination rolled in… “we reviewed your request and it does violate our Community Standards,” which obviously means “Communist Standards.”

It’s important to note that days prior to this I guaranteed friends that I’d be back in “Facebook Jail” before Flag Day, or at latest before 4th of July. One mockingly challenged me on how I could be sure,” and I answered with the word “experience” and a link to this article.

He felt it was “too long to read,” and I agreed with an added “just imagine having to live it.”

EPISODE 23 – MAY 4, 2021 – “Two men talking in private debate group, and an eloquent and poetic response to insult is flagged “harassment and bullying” by AI and then confirmed by on staff SJW within minutes.

In a private debate group, was doing some sparring with a familiar adversary. In response to his somewhat rude but obviously not “a violation” quality of comment:

As grown men often do, I took his comment in stride, and, without crying to the censors for some unspeakable emotional harm, I merely offered an eloquent but mildly mocking reply:

Oddly, the post was immediately removed, which informs that my debate group sparring partner would not have even had time to issue a complaint, and that this comment of mine was somehow caught by FB’s AI. And since my request for review was followed up with an answer within 4 minutes, it doesn’t even appear as any real human review was applied, but of course, with the kind of SJW army on Zuckerberg’s payroll, I suppose it possible that a real live imbecile considered my answer to the other party’s insult “a violation” of “bullying and harassment.”

EPISODE 22 – MARCH 29, 2021 – “Cute Dog and Donut meme mocking the offer of treats for accepting an experimental RNA therapy” declared “Bullying and Harassment”

With adequate experience in the FB dungeon to recognize patterns, this latest episode was predicted as an inevitability to strike before Easter Sunday. There’s no particular pleasure in being proven right, and in this case, the “violation” that was subsequently “verified” to be in “violation” of Terms of Service was the mere sharing of an innocent meme featuring a dog, a blond, a donut, and making reference to the “free donut” rewards being offered for providing proof of ID, and a medical record proving submission to the dangerous experimental RNA therapy branded as a “safe and effective vaccine,” but that’s actually only authorized for “emergency use.”

This audacious posting that challenged the obedience of a vaxtards that are clamoring to be the first of lab rats based on a false promise of a “return to normal,” and a real promise of virtue signal rights.

EPISODE 21 – FEBRUARY 12, 2021 – “For Sharing an undoctored photo of Obama and Fauci at Wuhan Lab with factually accurate comments”

I was literally about to post a prediction that I’d be tossed back in to the FB Gulag on February 13 (since there’s an apparent pattern revolving around various holidays, like Christmas, Valentines, Easter, and Halloween,) and poof! This time an unspecified post on a page concerning “Bug Wars” is the basis of another 30 days of suspension. Only after closer inspection via the phone app was I able to determine the which post was deemed “a violation.”

Only in the “Restriction Overview” visible via the phone app is the offending post visible at all.
And here’s the “offending post” which is simply a screen shot of an undoctored photo that the “fact checkers” had previously excused as “there for other business.” It remains a FACT that Fauci illegally funded the Wuhan Lab in 2017 January (under Obama’s apparent direction,) and a FACT that this photo features the two of them AT the scene of the crime (Wuhan Lab.)

Interestingly, the parameters of FB Jail seem to be modified to allow Private Messaging, but the otherwise standard dish being barred from posts to my own page, any comments to any page or group, or even reacting (via happy face, thumbs up, etc.) is blocked.

So, between now, and March 15, I won’t be able to defend any of the persecuted from the wild frenzy of bullying of conservatives on the Holy Mother Zuckerberg’s personal webpage (formerly known as platform.)

EPISODE 20 – DECEMBER 24, 2020

I was rather expecting this to happen since there’s been a clear pattern of harassment that happens on the American holidays. And when I first checked my phone on the morning of Christmas Eve, I received a repeat of last year’s Christmas Present from the Holy Mother Zuckerberg that I’d very much like to return. This was a case of double jeopardy for the same exact meme tagged, reviewed and declared to be “not a violation.” Details at the link.

EPISODE 19 – DECEMBER 19, 2020 – “Two Indians Meme about Elizabeth Warren and Kamala deemed ‘hate speech'”

A meme posted some days before on a Fingered by Biden page featured one real and one fake Indian. This got tagged as “hate speech” but then shortly after, I received the “we got it wrong” apology after a review, and the meme was put back online.

EPISODE 18 – OCTOBER 8, 2020 (30 DAY SENTENCE) – “Shared Third Party Tweet concerning Kamala’s Debate Performance and Reputation”

Enjoying an apparent “early release” from the most recent 30 days sentence, I had resumed feeding my various pages, and personal timeline. I casually shared a few Tweets from people who commented on the Vice Presidential Debate of last evening, without even giving a thought to the possibility that these innocent screen captures might jeopardize my ability to contribute in online discussions in the final month leading up to the coming election that will determine the fate of all humanity.

I had remembered recent statements by Mark Zuckerberg that affirmed, in the feigned interest of “free speech,” that literally wishing the President a “slow and painful death,” was permissible on his personal webpage, so long as he wasn’t “tagged” directly into the hateful comments.

This is also the President that’s routinely called, “rapist, NAZI, Hitler, pedo, groper, grabber,” and even faux art depicting a naked and diminished Trump are all fair game. Today I’ve learned that even the most mild insult of the vapid Kamala, that literally slept her way to the top with an affair with a married Willie Brown, can be the basis for losing 30 days of life on social media.

Simply sharing this Tweet was adequate to be in “violation” of the wildly skewed and uneven Communist Standards imposed by Facebook.

Apparently where Harris is concerned “harassment” and “bullying” are verboten. And obviously the left revel in every irony when you take into account her constant harassment and bullying of any and all of her political opposition.

As yet the request for review hasn’t yielded an answer, but it appears as though the case has already been “closed” by the thought police. And so now the vile meddlers of big tech will have an added advantage of shutting down another voice that is routinely inconvenient to the lies and the liars that tell them to prop up the most insidious campaign in US Presidential history.

EPISODE 17 – SEPTEMBER 10, 2020 (“30 DAY” SENTENCE) – “Critiquing Hate Speech Verbatim of NY Times Writer”

The abuse has become so regular and seemingly connected to specific dates on a calendar, this one wasn’t reported until the yet another Episode 18 (described above,) struck on October 8, after having (without announcement nor explanation) FB posting rights restored on or before October 1.

But now I’ll share this wild story which literally had me in for what was described as a 30 day block on posting, and a 60 day block on going live.

Simply sharing the exact words spewed on social media by the hateful Sarah Jeong that got her promoted to an NY Times writer status, got me demoted from communicating with any of my own FB Friends (no PM’s, no birthday wishes, no likes, no reactions,) and deprived access to manage my own pages and groups for a 30 day period.

I shared a post that directly quotes NY Times writer Sarah Jeong, who who was elevated to her position through hate speech on Twitter, and this apparently was proclaimed my own violation of Facebook’s “hate speech” policy.

Obviously an appeal was submitted, but within a few minutes the appeal was reviewed and case closed by the Soros minions that police all thoughts on Zuckerberg’s personal webpage formerly known as “platform.”

EPISODE 16 – JULY 3, 2020 – “Invitation to show their work”

This morning, a completely ordinary response was flagged as a “violation.”

And the imposed sentence is to be placed in “Social Media quarantine” through August 2nd! Obviously with “Social Distancing,” we are particularly dependent upon virtual connectivity, so this amounts to an amazing cruelty.

After submitting the above for review, a response was returned that the case was closed! It bears worthy of mention that just a few moments earlier on this same morning Twitter struck my account and required deleting a Tweet from May to reinstate the account.

Similar to the pattern of the block that happened on Christmas Eve (these seem to all correlate neatly to various holidays as much as to coming elections,) an alert was pushed that they “made a mistake,” and that my account did NOT violate anything. And still the account remains locked and until the same date in August!

After literally missing a friend’s funeral from an earlier episode of imposed disconnection caused by “getting grounded” by “Mother Zuckerberg,” it was adequately upsetting. And now the atomization and isolation suffered by many Americans during the severe limits imposed by the Covid, this kind of grossly negligent conduct by Facebook is quite damaging and will undoubtedly contribute to the suicide statistics already on the rise due to the other forms of “distancing.”

EPISODE 15 – FEBRUARY 13, 2020 – “Response to defamation projection meme with the word ‘dummy’!”

Yet another 30 day sentence in FB Jail for the egregious offense of playfully calling someone a “dummy” in a MEME group primarily dedicated to attacking Trump. As one of precious few conservatives, I engaged in rigorous debate only to be treated to call-out posts and abuse of my profile picture by other members.

Allowing the last such offense to slide, I called out a meme that was stolen and manipulated by a leftist to replace the word Democrats with Republican. Ironically the meme reversed by the lying leftist was on the very subject of censorship by Facebook that, as demonstrated by this an 14 other events, targets conservatives.

EPISIDE 14 – DECEMBER 21, 2019 – UPDATED “Argument Theory Meme”

Friendly visits to Robert Reich’s FB sewer inspired a particularly unhinged lunatic to visit my own League of Men Voter’s page who proceeded to spend a few days trolling with the usual Occupy Democrats quality of MEMES and accompanying belligerence.

I see that as an opportunity to assist a person that’s “reaching out” with their “Free Education” so I grant great measures of free speech privilege on my pages.

Surprisingly he apparently reported a MEME about debate methods featuring a triangle that he found so triggering he reported that to the SJW team at Facebook who in turn accepted his complaint on the basis of “harassment!”

Apparently the first reaction from the SJWs was to lock me out through Christmas and well into the New Year with a 30 day ban on messaging, posting and the inability to so much as react with hearts, likes, laughs of any family holiday pictures which include lots of baby pictures of a recent arrival.

Of course I submitted it for “review,” and now we shall wait and see how that plays out. Now I am left unable to administer 50 pages, and will have to wait to see whatever final judgment from whomever else on Zuckerberg’s staff determines whether I’m allowed to play with all my FB friends between now and the last week of next year’s January.

Since the above was submitted for manual review, a “we made a mistake” message was received and the comment restore… however… subsequent efforts to use the account are met with a message of 30 days suspension based on 24 prior “violations” for which the time had already been served. Oddly another random post was flagged, sent for review, and returned a second “we made a mistake,” message without any impact on the present “30 days” sentence, and thus, no access is possible to like pictures, return PM’s, respond to comments not post anywhere on Zuckerberg’s personal webpage perviously known as platform.

EPISODE 13 – NOVEMBER 6, 2019 – “Unknown Offense”

Obviously FB staffed up to do their part in influencing the 2019 elections, and the same newly assigned team members kept busy well after the last ballots were cast and counted.

The jail has apparently evolved to allow continued personal posting and interactions with friends, and is replaced with a suspension of “publishing rights” to any pages administered by the “offending party.”

Additionally the “details button” is disabled on all complaints making it a matter of guess work to even identify the “violating” posts or comments.

It has been observed that some comments in response to a troll interjecting Occupy Democrats quality rants under a page recommendation by another party.

The responses that are now missing may have mocked “Toth” as “lil’ Stephen Tot.” FB removed these without ANY opportunity to even SEE the content that the tot apparently reported like a little baby to his Mother Zuckerberg.

Ultimately the only notice of the “violation” was received in THIS format:

Prior to that the only “violations” marked against the ODP Page were nonsensical “fact checker” claims against content that wasn’t as “false” as inconvenient to leftist talking points.

And that was accompanied this tag at the top of every single page administered by the “offender” of whatever mysterious new interpretations of “community standards.”

This was also accompanied by this looming threat!

This again is a 4.1 to 4.0 star of 5 possible with 33 plus thousand fans, that until Facebook took to suppressing our content was growing at a rate of 3000 fans per week and then remained static and with a slow loss of fans based on their anti-promotion efforts which include pushing “are you sure you want to follow” dialogues to existing followers.


“Publishing rights” have been restored as of the evening of November 7, so it appears to have been a 24 hours suspension.

EPISODE 12 – SEPTEMBER 11, 2019 – “Mocking Omar for her ‘Some people did something’ Comment dismissing 911”

In a private conversation in a non public group, I had the audacity to mock Ilhan for her “Some people did something” comment, and posted the “wrong” MEME. Some SJW had already registered this MEME in their “hate speech” database, and so, with no warning nor recourse, 7 days without access to comments, messages, nor any of the features upon which many of us come to rely for daily business.

EPISODE 11 – JULY 22, 2019 – “For critique of wildly hateful and racist defamation meme”

Some vile creature posted one of the most hateful and disgusting “everyone is racist” MEMES I’d seen in some time. And of course my polite response triggered some new automation set up by the drunken squad charged with rigging every online conversation on Zuckerberg’s personal webpage, previously known as “platform.”

So now I get to spend the day wondering if I’ll serve the full 30 days with no access to my FB friends until well after the school year starts! I can only hope that the manual review pending works out, but based on all but the last false arrest, things do not look good.

EPISODE 10 UPDATE – JULY 11, 2019 “We got it wrong False Arrest” – SENTENCE REDUCED

It wouldn’t count as “journalistic integrity,” if the good weren’t reported with the bad. For the first time ever in the my history with Facebook that runs back to 2007, a human review on a post previously branded “hate speech,” yielded a fair and favorable result. And so I’ve been released on a “time served,” basis on what a more sober member of Zuckerberg’s staff recognized as compliant with “Community Standards.”

EPISODE 10 – JULY 8, 2019 “Islam Hypocrisy Meme” – 30 DAYS SENTENCE

In the course of responding to an unhinged fellow in a private closed debate group, I apparently triggered another SJW by daring to engage an unhinged and hateful Islamist in debate about Tommy. Their alert of the suspension included NO image of the specific “offending” comment nor image, so on this one we are left to guess at the cause.

It is possible that the other party reported something, but I believe it more likely that some SJW had preregistered a MEME an FB SJW determined to be “hate speech.”

EPISODE 9 – MAY 18, 2019 “Shared Tweet” – 30 DAYS SENTENCE

Now realizing it’s basically an exercise in futility to tip toe on Mark Zuckerberg’s personal webpage previously known as “platform,” I resumed my activity of correcting liberals on Facebook. Whereas there were a few posts I thought might amount to “risky” speech, I was caught completely by surprise when I was again tossed into another 30 day sentence of “Mother Zucker’s” version of grounding for “bad” online behavior.

So once more I’m unable to like posts, respond to PM’s answer a number of ad hominem challenges by other unaffected debate group members, and otherwise annoyed for the mere act of posting a screenshot of a Tweet that calls out the left on their burning hypocrisy and cognitive dissonance.

This case was clearly based on it having been reported by some absurd fascist snowflake lunatic, since I have since observed the very same post made into another debate group! And the switch was flipped 24 hours or more after the it was posted, and frankly, I’m not even certain where the post was placed, from where it was removed, nor the exact timing it was posted. This after-the-fact harassment from the SJW team at Facebook is especially troubling, since there’s no way to know when some long forgotten post might trigger yet another 30 day sentence or even a permanent action of being defamed and depersoned by the FB police.

EPISODE 8 – APRIL 10, 2019 – “Pink Fascism Meme” – 30 DAYS SENTENCE

After being ESPECIALLY cautions for just over a month of successfully correcting liberals, I noticed someone posting a MEME featuring a “Pink Hitler.” In response I shared my own that I previously used routinely without any incident. Since the latest banning took several days I would assume that this wasn’t part of an automatic process of MEME that was previously flagged by one of the moronic SJW’s infesting Facebook’s staff. So that means some fool on AnCap vs AnCom actually took an individual action to report this response:

EPISODE 7 – JANUARY 25, 2019 – “Projecting Meme” – 30 DAYS SENTENCE

Another leftist moron immediately jumped to their most routine method of libeling any opposing viewpoints. In a thread that had not a thing to do

And then I did it… I dared to deploy a MEME about “Projecting” accompanied with these words. And the result was immediate, so some Social Justice Warrior lunatic must have registered this MEME as “a violation.”

Obviously this is beyond maddening, so I’ll now be shaming Facebook on LinkedIn and other venues to shame them for this outrageous conduct on their part.

EPISODE 6 – DECEMBER 24, 2018 – “Already introduced yourself!” 30 DAYS SENTENCE

An inane fool in AnCom vs AnCap decided that ANY criticism of Soros made me a “NAZI” and a “Jew Hater.”  I explained that it was unfortunate that however diabolical Soros’ schemes, he’d apparently only be known as “a Jew” to the #RACISTDEMS.  He then went on to continue to bear false witness with repeated “you’re a NAZI” lies.  I find that more than offensive on a number of levels.  I even clarified that I don’t regard “all Jews” to be good nor bad, and that I very much like Mark Levin, Dr. Laura, Mike Miller, and Dr. Michael Savage as a handful of examples. 

This unhinged lunatic got even more absurd and continue to deliver “STFU you NAZI” and such, with a stated plan to “continue to” call me “a NAZI” until I “shut up.” 

In one instance his response to my clarifications was just to bleat “NAZI!” to which I responded… “You already introduced yourself.” 

And THAT, was per #ZUCKFACE or one of the #SJW FASCISTS on his staff, a “violation of community guidelines.”  So it’s OK to be CALLED “a NAZI…” but a hint at a reversal or the insult is the big “crime.”

“Look… this is absurd. A leftist calls ME “a NAZI repeatedly.” I said only “you ALREADY introduced YOURSELF.” in reply. Then I am apparently given a Christmas Present of being BARRED ACCESS TO MY FB FRIENDS for ANOTHER 30 days??? Come the heck on. This is wildly absurd. I’m the one CALLED A NAZI which I’m NOT… my own grandfather participated in war effort AGAINST NAZIS… and I pull a “I know you are but what am I ” response and that means I “violated standards??????” Seriously!?”

Things must be serious, since my attempt to submit the newest sentence of what I can only assume is 30 days (but not specified) is blocked.  

So it’s quite possible that this is a permanent banishment.  

EPISODE 5 – NOVEMBER 9 2018 – “Projecting Tactic of NAZI Dems” – 30 DAYS SENTENCE

Another episode of harassment from the disgusting SJW creeps on the Facebook staff.  Today an admin of our page was tormented with yet another 30 day time-out from friends, family and whomever else he made a habit of connecting via their unreliable website once called “platform.”  What’s the latest “offense?”  Apparently some inane grown child was triggered by his miserable performance in a debate… so our admin was reported for a polite post that mocked the projection that is so routine of the little Fascist Leftists that have also infiltrated the team of NPC’s that decide what follows vs. what “violates” their eternally changing and ambiguous “Terms of Service.”

Screen Shot 2018-11-09 at 11.36.03 AM

Seriously, that was it!  “I’d hazard a guess that I’ve paid in quite a bit more to your social services than you’ve paid.  But keep the #PROJECTIONS coming! #NAZIDEMS love those tactics!” 

projecting propaganda
zuckface censorship remove post make democrats look like idiots true fakenews

He had been back on FB with all the rich capabilities of

  • liking his own friend’s comments and posts
  • responding to former customer inquiries when they PM
  • placing video chats via messenger to friends in different countries
  • posting family pictures and videos to share with family and friends
  • participating in the discourse over the future of our country in debate groups
  • administering several of his own pages

…for all of 2 months and a few days after prior rounds of abuse by the tyrannical force set lose on the personal webpage previously known as “platform.”

And now it’s increasingly difficult to attend to administrative responsibility for pages with “high potential reach,” via alternate admin accounts.

Screen Shot 2018-11-09 at 2.30.43 PM

As of yesterday this absurd case was “under review,” but as of today, November 11, 2018, whatever human NPC on staff completed their “review” and marked it down as “case closed” for a “violation of terms of service.”

Screen Shot 2018-11-11 at 12.11.35 PM


Previously he was dabbling in a bit of debate in a closed group, and when the other party tapped out, he offered a cute little MEME accompanied with “OK, well have a nice #HUMPDAY!”

Nobody in this group would have been adequately thin skinned to take the innocent and silly MEME as some big offense, but apparently some FB staffer that must have won their job at Facebook through the old “drinking game” interview process featured on euphemistic view of Zucker’s history in The Network, had previously registered the “offending” MEME as “hate speech.”


So the FB thought policing automation kicked in and blocked the post, and presented a happy little notification to the same “hateful” originator. 

And of course that “hater” will be barred from posting, liking posts, commenting, wishing friends “Happy Birthdays,” sending or even responding to Private Messaging, administering and moderating his pages and debate groups for a period of no less than 30 days!  The prior 30 days were faithfully served out by having called a moron out as a “moron” in another closed group, and in this case the moron in question was adequately #TRIGGERED to submit a report to FB’s team of in-house #SJWs.

Why was THAT such a long time-out?  Well the same victim of “PC + Power” was treated to a 7 day sentence before that.  This one resulted from an “offense” of having posted a cute Seinfeld-style joke that was from several months prior to an earlier 3 day suspension.


facebook censored block on dixie chicks post 7 day freeze

So, after the prior 3 day jail matter, had he done nothing but praise Zuckerberg as the sacred lord of all that is right and righteous on the internet, the above land mine was already in the soil, making the next 7 day suspension a predetermined fate.

So, you might wonder what the 3 day #FBJAIL was all about.


In another debate group conversation, he had questioned the heterosexuality of AntiFa, by addressing them by the acronym for Fine American Gentlemen… (adding the “g” to the “Fa.”)

antifa gay


Now before the 3 day there was (as per the formula,) a one day sentence.  The inconvenience of a one day interruption didn’t make sufficient impression to even retrace the steps back to whatever fateful word choice, but if the suppressed memory can be retrieved, I’m sure it will be reported here in a future update.

With all this targeted harassment it’s a wonder how the #LIBTARDS wouldn’t be completely satisfied with Zuckerbergs efforts to censor conservative voices on a “platform” turned to “personal website.”  But obviously unhinged lunatics can never be appeased.

I suppose they believe that #JackolfTwitler still does a slightly better job of targeting conservatives for censorship to make things even more “fair” for the deeply libtarded with no arguments.


*In the most recent Episodes 20 and 21, it appears that the restriction on PM’s has been relaxed for a slightly less uncomfortable stay in the FB Gulag.

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