Pelosi Demands for Censorship of Undoctored Video of her Prayerful Response to SOTU Rejected!

February 11, 2020
Occupy Democrats Parody

Not even the most committed censors, Jackolf Twitler nor Mother Zuckerberg could go along with Pelosi’s demand to remove an undoctored video that featured her tearing the national treasure of the official transcript of the President’s moving State of the Union address.

Apparently she felt the TPUSA edit that interleaved the footage with the various emotional moments it represented was an unfair characterization of her antics. The self inflicted damage to her self assigned reputation as a “prayerful,” or otherwise semi dignified Leader of the infamous Congress of Apes would apparently be exacerbated by their take.

A formerly mixed House was previously turned on its edge when Pelosi’s party seized power in the aftermath of a “blue wave” brought on by various forms of Democrat Vote Fraud in 2018. And for every ounce of control legitimately gained, pounds more were grabbed by Nancy’s raw bullying and with the help of her accomplices.

However embarrassed Pelosi may be, her even more unhinged base react mostly with splendor and awe, calling her ape like antics “Brilliant,” and even a “Courageous statement!” on Social Media.

The usual lunatics too immediately to social media in to praise Pelosi’s childish antics as “courage,” “huge power,” and “brilliant!”
In a subsequent comment to media, the House Speaker of Congress of Apes declares her antics as “courteous,” and makes reference to “alternatives.”

Her own followup comment that this was “courteous” considering “alternatives,” leaves us to wonder just how bad her behavior might have become less such “restraint.” I suppose we should be thankful she didn’t tear away at her pant suit to “take control of the floor” with a fresh pile of dissenting opinion.

Democrats from Pelosi’s dirty district express themselves by literally shitting where others buy what they eat.
As children liberals smear the content of loaded diaper upon surrounding walls. As adults, well, not much changes.

Of course had Pelosi exercised the “alternative” of steaming pile, her sycophants would undoubtedly have matched every ounce with pounds of high praise!

©2020 Occupy Democrats Parody

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