Debunking the Trump Derangement Syndrome Meme

January 25, 2020
Updated February 26, 2020
Occupy Democrats Parody

The lefties that complain whenever they encounter a meme that shatters their delusions will sometimes deploy some of their own propaganda memes to promote the deeply flawed thinking and gross misconceptions that characterize the leftist mindset.

This from a man who just proclaimed that he voted for Trump, but later decided the President he elected “lies” and tells “half truths” too often. The example he cited was “Inaugural crowd size!”

The style of leftist propaganda featured above showcases the machine gun method, where multiple shots are fired in all directions at once. This style of meme discourages many for responding since it can be hard to know how to begin with so many lies and misleading statements delivered in bulk.

As part of the commitment to free education online we offer, each and every shot will receive due attention.

Shot 1. “Billionaire who ‘hides’ his tax returns!”

Anyone who believes that the personal relationship between a man and the Democrat Infested IRS should be subject to public consumption is obviously a leftist of the lowest order. In Trump’s case he’s been audited by a corrupt weaponized IRS for years, and the notion that he’s gotten away with someting that the big noses at the IRS wouldn’t have caught or submitted for criminal referral amounts to an exceptional TDS fantasy.

Furthermore the hypocrites that believe themselves able to “demand” that he submits these are not among those who enthusiastically voted him up in the great 2016 election. And only a fool would believe that a single one would suddenly root for Trump upon an unnecessary release of complicated taxes that are not a Constitutional requirement, and that contain proprietary and private information the same lefties have never dared request from the most dubious of life long politicians like Pelosi, Schumer, Schiff nor anyone else that collectively wield decades of power from high upon their perch while lining their own nests on inside trades and graft on every disaster they inflict with their policies.

Shot 2. “The genius who hides his grades!”

By best estimates Trump’s IQ is 156. But academic performance has been up for some questions. Getting through such a prestigious school as Wharton School of Finance and Commerce is not really an indication of Obama levels of dumb, but as per the above, it may be fair to guess that his GPA was below 3.4.

But of course the hypocrisy of the left is rather amazing since these same Obama cultists didn’t ever express worry that his transcripts were sealed, and not a single of professor nor fellow student at Columbia ever remember having ever seen a young Barack or Barry on the campus, much less in a classroom.

Furthermore it doesn’t require genius to excel in academics, and there are plenty of genius that do poorly in, bypassed and/or drop out of school.

Shot 3. “The business man who bankrupted a casino.”

Business illiterates exploit the assumptions of even more ignorant that casinos are all guaranteed by some Indian magic to succeed in all circumstances. Whereas Trump did make some “bad gambles,” he demonstrated enough competence to get well beyond what most might have accomplished with similar resources.

Trump is basically a dreamer and builder, which make him uniquely qualified for building a brighter future for America. And whereas that could be dismissed as conjecture when he first came down the escalator to announce his run for office, his acumen certainly cannot be dismissed without ignoring all the brilliant economic progress the lefties are busily blaming on Obama.

Shot 4. “The Playboy who pays for sex.”

It takes a particularly simple mind to assume that JFK never “paid for” any of the girls he had running in and out of the White House during his glamorous Presidency that included full blown orgies in America’s first residence.

Nobody would assume Hugh Heffner abstained from “paying for” any of his countless encounters in and outside of the famous Playboy Mansion.

When Clinton’s reputation for rapes and consensual affairs was supplemented with the abuse of a childish subordinate intern in the Oval Office, the left decried any critique as “prude,” and that his perjury amounted only to “lying about sex,” and thus very “understandable. And of course while the lies were still in play, Hillary went on television to describe a “vast right wing conspiracy,” and dismissed numerous women accusers as a “bimbo eruption.”

None of this deterred the “I’m with Her” crowd from eagerly tossing in votes for a Clinton third term under the rebranding of a “Her Turn” Presidency.

Meanwhile, Trump, a private citizen that one would assume might trade some of his clout for privilege in the realm that counts most for powerful men, is pounced on by the left over unreliable testimony that was later withdrawn by one struggling porn actress, a Miss Stormy Daniels.

Before she got in her apology letter to denounce 100% of her prior claims as a lie, the liars of the left media had already featured her on 60 minutes with what they presented as “powerful,” “courageous” and “compelling” testimony of all that she “suffered” for having what she described as a mutually consensual relationship between adults.

And to this date, the wrap-up-smear leftists continue to repeat the lie about nothing, while feigning some moral outrage by the very thought that Trump might have offered his wife a bit of rest after the trauma of child birth by “taking care of business” with an outside vendor.

Again, per the known serial liar Stormy that the left idolize, this innocent fun never happened, but the left will continue to repeat the lie as is the standard practice of their own National Socialist forebearers.

Shot 5. “The Christian who doesn’t go to church.”

This one is particularly special. The nihilists of the Democrat party that literally denounce God and all religions with the exception of Islam are hurling harsh judgment against Trump for “not going to church,” in spite of the fact that he actually does.

Shot 6. “The philanthropist” who defrauds charity”

The corrupt New York lawyers and wildly corrupted legal system decided to take aim at a questionable charity by a politician. Obviously it wasn’t the dubious Clinton Foundation that proved itself a “pay to play” operation by shuddering immediately after Hillary was “robbed” her ability to return policy favors as a Madam President against a portfolio of dubious “contributions.” Instead the Trump foundation is struck by a veritable shake down.

Trump now has different fiduciary responsibilities, so fighting the suit would have taken him away from his work for We The People. So the bogus charges were settled and the Foundation’s operation suspended. And of course, to the leftist this provides them a new talking point to add to their pile of defamation libel directed at the man who they believed wasn’t supposed to win.

Shot 7. “The patriot who dodged the draft”

Most anti-American left that hate Trump the most would never support a draft. So like most of their defamation libel, it rings rather hollow. And like most selective outrage by the left, it’s rich with hypocrisy, since most of these voted for a third Clinton Term when it’s well known that Clinton was among those pardoned for very real draft dodging that included defrauding the military after receiving their scholarship. Much more can be said about this disingenuous smear by the left, and we have written a whole article on the subject.

Shot 8. “The innocent man who refused to testify.”

The left like to count “lies” and “misleading statement.” This one serves as a splendid example of the latter.

The 100% Partisan “Impeachment” did not allow for any outside the Democrat party to call any witnesses. Later they modified it to declare that they might be allowed at the known liar and leaker, Shifty Schiff’s sole discretion during the completely rigged Schiff Show in the House.

Trump immediately released the full transcript of the call targeted by Schiff’s “whistle blower” accomplice’s complaint. This was counted as exculpatory by both world leaders on the call, and the known leaker and liar Schiff was forced to dismiss his own wild fiction that mischaracterized the call as “parody.”

The President was offered no council nor any of the other ordinary “luxuries” that were granted to every other President including the most recent Clinton impeachment in the 90’s.

So if by “refused to” they mean not given reasonable opportunity to, I suppose we can regard it as “misleading statement” as opposed to an outright lie!

Note that the uniformity of opinion parroted by every major media program and every college professor indicates a strong resolve to put an ideology over truth. The most wild tales can be spun and the if their audience became a bit unsure in the face of the more outrageous of lies, the instinctive “they can’t all be wrong” reaction kicks in and keeps them from allowing skepticism to reach a level of asking questions and reassessment.

©2020 Occupy Democrats Parody.

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