MSM: Why “They Can’t All Be Wrong” is Both Logical Fallacy, and Also Demonstrably False

April 13, 2020
ODP Staff

While they might click right past “very bad” Fox News and skip school when it comes to Talk Radio, many, if not most “news” consumers are quite satisfied that by diversifying their “portfolio” to include CBS, ABC, NBC, MSNBC, CNN, PBS (on the television.) Some of these might even take an occasional dreamy ride on the waves of NPR’s cool, soothing, if not hypnotic tone while others turn to Comedy Central to have their opinions delivered via a more honest form of joking.

The exceptionally gifted among lefties will plod through the pages of “news” that was formerly delivered to their front porch and that ultimately served as tool for house training their pets.

Holocaust Denier NYTimes also replaced reporting of the Holodomor with propaganda served directly to them from their Soviet accomplices. Today they are home to some of the most vile of hate propagandists that made their first impressions on Twitter.

This category of “informed citizenry” is kept “in the know,” and “filled in,” to their best discernment, well enough to share the resultant quality of opinions online and, when it was still possible, the old fashioned social gatherings.

Now since most of the very broad range and forms of media followed by the average Democrat all parrot whatever wind first breaks with NYTimes, they gain constant validation for everything they’ve come to “know,” along with a stroking of their immensely disproportionate egos from the larger choir. And whatever of the broad “all but Fox” range of sources for “real news,” repeats, enters into that psychological realm of “must be true.”

They’ll often reveal their warm embrace of the fallacious “they can’t all be wrong,” belief in their memes.

This meme depicts the “very smart” woman and “very dumb” MAGA husband who’s purportedly struggling to “make sense” out of all the obvious schemes about Trump. Her simple mindedness is presented as “profound wisdom” by the woman that apparently couldn’t find a man with any sort of brain to marry.
Perfect demonstration of “they can’t all be wrong” fallacy packed into one glorious #LibtardMeme.

Those that are programmed by the “they can’t all be wrong” sources of their every opinion are extremely reluctant to learn that they’ve been fooled.

I notice that whenever I offer this quick 12 minute presentation as an invitation to become a “whole new” and “much smarter” version of themselves, they’re quite reluctant to even have a look:

12 minutes to PROVE that the “they can’t all be wrong” is not only fallacious, but demonstrably false!
So-called “fact checkers” report anything that shatters liberal delusions as “lies,” and anything otherwise spoken by someone they don’t like as “misleading.” They then count every single spoken word uttered by Trump and serve it as “proof” that Trump lies as much as Democrats.

We are all told, not only what to believe, but what to disbelieve. And there’s no more profound example than the so-called “fact checkers” that are among the biggest liars of the left. And when you ask those that they’ve programmed, “what ‘lie’ that Trump told you, do you believe should have us upset,” they’re generally at a complete loss to offer any specifics.

Absolute proof that so-called “fact checkers” are among the worst and least honest of propagandists.
Full documentary that exposes CIA’s MockingBird Media and how it operates to influence collective consciousness. Many spend effort to manage what they allow into their bodies, but precious few spend much time nor attention on what goes into their minds.

©2020 Occupy Democrats Parody

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