How 5G’s “Internet of Things” Trades Human Health for a Technocratic Tyranny that Defies Orwell’s Imagination

April 17, 2020
Updated April 20, 2020
ODP Staff

This kind of content is being actively suppressed by Social Media accomplices to the conspiracy to sicken and control all of humanity.

There is also plenty of content that offers more “benefit of doubt” and celebrates the “cool tech” aspects while making assertions about the “weaker” nature of the wave less any accounting of the many times stronger signals being arranged to cover every corner.

“Thoughty” provides mostly thoughtful insights on a variety of subjects. Here he cleverly downplays concerns while offering a brilliant marketing spiel on the benefits.

Ultimately you’ll find proponents and many highly credentialed human health experts oppose what they, at best, consider a world wide gamble on the world’s health and at worst, a significant threat that’s already causing health failures. Others believe the COVID virus is being exploited as part of a “coverup” to hide the flu-like symptoms owed to 5G exposure. Such seemingly wild theories are being actively countered with propaganda from MSM disguised as “debunking.”

Meanwhile the understandable attention on the COVID (now widely accepted to be released from the Wuhan Lab) has most of us too overwhelmed and distracted to give this extremely serious health concern adequate attention.


What previously seemed a questionable claim that the 5G is responsible for flu like symptoms, and when the victims go to get tested for the COVID19, “that’s when they give you” the real virus has been bolstered by new evidence. Apparently it’s now confirmed that the test kits have indeed been “contaminated” with the Wuhan lab engineered virus.

The end of this video is careful to beep out the words that are guaranteed to result in a CIA-Google algorithm based takedown.

©2020 Occupy Democrats Parody

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