Rigging 2020: Answering the Left’s Disingenuous “Where’s the Evidence?” Question

December 9, 2020
Updated January 7, 2020

The left are programmed to deploy one of two rather opposite talking points to avoid or control any discussion concerning a real or imagined crime. In the case of the latter, demands for more “investigation,” are defended with statements framed as a question, like “what are you hiding?” “If nothing wrong was done, shouldn’t you welcome more investigation?”

In contrast, any investigation that looks into crimes by their own party are treated as toxic, and even “illegal election interference.”

This conversation was from October of 2019, just months before China would formerly accept Trump’s new trade deal, and then release the Election Flu as part of a multi faceted effort to install their Billion Dollar Biden who, as we now fully know, they didn’t want to see “investigated.”

Their providers of “news” and every opinion will use “sources say” to elevate their own baseless claims. And when information they weren’t able to cover up reaches the public via real journalists, they’ll use language like “baseless claims,” with “zero evidence,” that amount to harmful “conspiracy theories,” to summarily dismiss exploration of the most overt crimes of their own party accomplices

Any evidence that does get circulated in spite of best efforts to cover up by the corporate media monopolies, is declared as “debunked,” dismissed as “unproven,” or even declared as “illegal!” For example, the ridiculous Chris Cuomo stunned all but the most gullible of his audience when he announced it was “OK” for the “media” to have, “the emails,” but that it was a criminal offense for Mr. Joe America to even possess such “leaked” materials.

The well programmed product of MKUltra connected media in turn face any opposition to what they’ve learned from the “they can’t all be wrong” media monopolies as belligerent parrots. “Where’s the evidence?” serves as their favorite statement of position disguised as “a question.”

And invariably when they test this and are in turn shocked to receive lists of and links to veritable mountains of evidence, they’ll deploy their favorite Alex Jones “foil hat” meme and run off to repeat the same belligerence in another thread.

Man in America sums it all up in what may be the best presentation to serve as answer to the most parroted of taking points by the belligerent left posing as a question. “Where’s the evidence?”

Man in America provides a comprehensive answer to the disingenuous “where’s the evidence” questions by the accomplices to the massive and systemic Dem Vote Fraud.

As it’s quite likely Facebook censors will remove the above content, please notify us if it’s missing and we’ll update this article with our backup.


The vile Social Media Taliban struck down the video linked above. Here’s a backup.

Man in America video REMOVED by Mother Zuckerberg

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