Korean Drama Predicts Corona Pandemic

April 21, 2020
ODP Staff

A younger family member found this on TikTok that appears to demonstrate that a Korean Drama from 2018 predicted a Corona Virus Pandemic. Apparently it has since been removed from Netflix.

Reacting to a Korean Drama that is a little too precise in predicting the Corona Virus epidemic.

Now whereas we do now know the COVID19 was manipulated and released form the Wuhan Lab with involvement by nefarious set of players including Fauci, the morbidity still appears to sit in the 2% range and apparently those who succumb to it are overwhelmingly patients with preexisting conditions that exacerbate the impact.

Here a leftist shows off how “smart” they are by proving COVID19 a “horrible bio weapon” for its low morbidity. Clearly it’s meant to primarily be a political and economic threat when combined with the appropriate mix of fear, and the liberal pathogen.

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