One By One, the Wuhan “Conspiracy Theories” Become Widely Accepted as Matters of Fact

April 19, 2020
Updated May 14, 2021
ODP Staff

Before every orchestrated event, there are one or more drills.

It didn’t take long for CNN’s “DemoQuack” Sanjay Gupta’s wildly absurd proclamation on Corona virus to be graduate from logical fallacy to demonstrably false. Through the first several weeks of the present pandemic, his older loops promoting marijuana, gun grabbing, flu shots, grain diet and even climate alarmism were recycled while his disinformation accomplices came up with something he might say to bewilder his audience with a more relevant “for a better life” message.

Then while listening to a favorite KSFO, former home of the glorious “Morning Show” with Brian Sussman, the usual interruptions by ABC Disney propagandists delivered their first Corona related “news.”

A long decades old tradition of a local morning show that featured greats like the late Lee Rogers (with Melanie Morgan,) ended with the good work of Brian Sussman and charming Katie Green’s daily splendor that’s since (due to a serious illness in their morning “family,”) has been replaced with the comparatively disappointing Armstrong and Getty.

On that morning, I was treated to Sanjay’s usual friendly Sesame Street quality of voice delivering his first authoritative statement on COVID. Dr. Gupta claimed that rumors that the virus came from the lab in Wuhan China were “false.” He based this assertion of “fact” upon his opinion that these “theories” were being promoted by “unverified accounts.”

More about CNN’s Dr. Sanjay Gupta in “Rise of the DemoQuacks.” Apparently the doctor believes the coveted “blue checkmark” offered by the operators of Twitter ultimately somehow decide which Tweets might be considered plausible vs. those which should be summarily dismissed as “false.”

As silly and feeble as his illogical analysis of the quality of all speculation on the Wuhan lab’s involvement and their apparent exoneration by his decree, he followed this up with a direct contradiction. “We don’t know where the virus did come from,” followed with the usual Chinese propaganda that misdirects all attention on bat soup.

Since then, it became so obvious that the virus did in fact originate form the Wuhan weapons lab, even mainstream media followed Fox’s lead to report on what many already regarded the most obvious suspect. And more recently, even Sanjay broke from CNN’s propaganda to back the Wuhan Lab origin.

Whereas it remained plausible that the lab was simply involved in spreading a naturally occurring virus, it’s now increasingly obvious that this newest SARS virus was specifically engineered, like SARS to successfully infect human targets.

What is now being called “ResearchGate” has been blown wide open. The links to the above referenced article can be followed here:
ASM Journal of Virology
ResearchGate – Zhengli_Shi Profile
ResearchGate – Difference in Receptor Usage between Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS) Coronavirus and SARS-Like Coronavirus of Bat Origin

So now that it’s well established that COVID is a new mod on an engineered SARS virus, that only leaves us to speculate as to whether it was an accidental release by sloppy lab workers, or whether it’s possible that this apparent ChiCom early Christmas Gift to their globalist Democrat accomplices aligns neatly with CCP’s own interests.

What previously might be
dismissedas speculative
can really no longer be

To recap all of that I’ll offer up a text message from an astute observer. I had already already recognized that this crisis had been, whether engineered or a “happy accident” was simply too well timed.

Trump’s economy was on such an unstoppable upward ride, that Obama was busily making speeches to accept full credit. Hong Kong rebuked the Antifa’s practice of waving Communist flags with their own proud display of our own Red White and Blue and their open and defiant protests against the massive betrayals by Xi and the CCCP made the old Communist Guard’s celebration of 70 years of Chinese Hell very uncomfortable.

So where it was clear that globalists gained a chance to implement everything they dreamed about that their little Greta failed to achieve for them, why would this all start inside China?

The prompt murder of China’s own citizen journalists should at least make clear their motive to keep everything that happened a secret. They did block domestic air travel from Wuhan while allowing international flights to continue unabated. And they’ve refused to heed Hong Kong’s desire to isolate that highly vulnerable population from the threat.

And now the inconvenient and embarrassing Hong Kong Protests are basically over. Additionally, the skyrocket economy that was about to be witnessed and prove Trump’s new “China Trade Deal” a success was swiftly canceled and replaced with an immediate return to Obama levels of unemployment and economic turmoil.

Furthermore, with all the internal turmoil, all attention is deflected from a flailing economy in China that was already on the verge of implosion even before Trump’s new Trade Deal took removed most of the cheating that propped up the illusion of a functioning Chinese economy.

The Chinese and their accomplices in the global cabal that run the UN and their WHO, have a big chance to implement their global government solutions inclusive of, at worst, digital certificates for the entire human population and more likely chipping of all humans as their cattle to ensure they had whatever new cure-all vaccinations might be under development in and outside of their Wuhan lab.

Additionally the obvious disruption and reset to a coming November Election that everyone on both sides knew Trump was guaranteed to win, serves as a Hail Mary pass to rig things for Democrats. And that’s among the reasons that, against better judgment, Democrats are determined to exacerbate the crisis and maximize the damage for as long as they can manage.

Here open Global Communists openly celebrate the decapitation of the world’s economy to achieve the same goals they’ve always had for an impoverished hand-to-mouth humanity.

The most casual online research will show that the same outlets that decried any connection between this virus and China have since moved closer to accepting reality.

Soros scheme to take the massive vote fraud recently legalized in California with ballot harvesting has been planned long before the general public knew what was going on with the flu the Wuhan Lab
Whereas even main stream media acknowledges the funding illegally given to Wuhan Lab by Fauci, they discount the above picture as a visit with intention of partnering on a strategy to contain one of their early products.

^Enjoy this background on the nefarious globalist business of Bill Gates, United Kingdom and other players until FB takes it down (as we anticipate will happen soon.)
Another doctor’s opinion who calls out Fauci for violation of a moratorium and also makes reference to an important suspected connection that’s bleeped out in the video to avoid tripping CIA-Google’s takedown engine.


The above video concludes with what, with a seemingly farfetched conspiracy speculation concerning a connection to the recent 5G deployment. The video beeps out the content to avoid tripping apparent take down algorithms by CIA-Google’s YouTube, and it’s also been apparent that other monopolies in the Social Media space are actively suppressing any content proposing the connection.

Exploring MSNBC’s piece made it clear that they were not interested in debunking anything but a replacement theory of their own contrivance for the purpose of marginalizing any who’d share or otherwise repeat such notions.

In another Facebook video a frantic pastor was warning that the 5G creates “flu like symptoms” for more sensitive individuals, and then went on with a seemingly wild claim that, when you get the test, that’s when they “give you the virus.” Prior to more recent revelations that the COVID test kits are indeed contaminated, it becomes more difficult to dismiss these claims.

This video presentation was “fact checked” by all the Social Media sites as a basis of account strikes of any who share. And if you read the childish arguments by the amateur doing the “checking,” you’ll see that not a single point made is “refuted,” but only discounted as “baseless.”

Obviously the CIA-Google has been busy with take downs. See our own copy below:


Chinese whistleblower asserts that the Wuhan Flu was indeed an engineered product from the Wuhan Lab.

Seems a Chinese Whistleblower has come forward courageously with a statement that verifies we were right all along!

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The question posed in this light hearted “Viral Music Video” as to whether the virus came from the “lab” or the “bowl of bats” has since been answered. This video is apparently suppressed by CIA-Google’s Youtube so share it generously!
Full Article
And now for a word from the amazing St. Fauci!
Must watch on the bio war aspects and important concerns about the safety (or lack of) and ultimate usefulness of “vaccines” as a response.

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