Is Power of Prayer a Legitimate Means of Influencing an Election?

July 12, 2020
Updated August 6, 2020
ODP Staff

We just shared this to a devout and practicing Catholic, Elizabeth, who is responsible for some of the otherwise secular content here. She routinely demonstrates discernment in both secular and spiritual realms and the following presentation (concerning a dream involving 50 bison which will be shared and linked later) reminded us of an earlier and interesting story she shared shortly after the surprising victory America experience in November of 2016.

Listening to this gentleman reminded me of some interesting notions about the interpretation of visions as revealed in dreams that were described to me in detail by a devout Catholic who repeatedly demonstrates a deep knowledge in spiritual and secular matters.

She ultimately found the above presentation to be legitimate to all of her understandings of how visions, prayer and messages are supposed to work, and by her accounts were material to the 2016 victory that made Donald Trump our 45th President. She also strongly believes and asserts that efforts in the realm of prayer will mean everything in the coming election that decides everything to a degree that the great Scott Adams’ own prophetic tweet from earlier this summer.

Many agnostic scientists and modern mystics believe the “power of prayer” may be legitimate outside the realm of scriptural teachings, and given the extremely high stakes of what we face together, even the most skeptical among us may want learn more and do more in this realm.

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