On Congratulating Kamala

November 8, 2020
Updated November 11, 2020

Many Americans, and in particular a set of those sharing Indian and/or “black,” heritage are congratulating Kamala prematurely and for the wrong reasons.

A response to one in particular was promptly deleted by a highly partisan administrator in an Oakland History group where a hive of Biden and Harris supporters are fawning over her “born in Oakland” nativity story. And what we preserved prior to the scrubbing can serve as an answer to all:

Contrary to the premature and irresponsible announcements by TV and print media, nobody becomes “President Elect” nor “Vice President Elect,” until the opposing candidate concedes or all legal challenges to a contested election are resolved.

That was also true of Al Gore’s campaign that concluded only on December 21, 2000 as an early Christmas Present to those who believed the latest of the Bush dynasty to assume the role of President was a lesser of evils.

Nothing about Kamala’s selection is “AgAiNsT aLL oDds!” since Biden, who couldn’t be more “establishment,” specifically stated, and very publicly, that he’d be fingering a “woman of color” for his VP choice. This made it clear to most that this would be the primary if not only criteria in deciding who will likely replace him in the first few months in office as President.

But you raise some interesting questions.

Do you believe it’s “an accomplishment” to be born a female to tourists on a student visa, or to be fingered for VP for those very reasons after ” winning” all of 2% support in the primaries based on more intangible qualities, like merit? Or is it more a matter of her own “leg work” that helped her realize her original ambitions to gain power in our political system?

Also, if and when the warm carcass foot-in-door Biden is finally determined to be “President Elect,” by whatever combination of Dem Vote Fraud and “VoTe bLuE nO mAtTeR wHo!” themed campaigning, she’ll be then posed to make her first “accomplishments” in a long career in politics that, to date, appears to have failed in any reasonable measure of “public service.”

Based on what we know of her rating as “left-of-Bernie Sanders” for her record as California Senator, we should all be deeply concerned about what she might do when inevitably “installed” into the highest office in the USA if not the world.

E. Hanson
Just imagine if the Press were as wildly absurd as they are today during the period between the 2000 Election day and December 21 when Gore finally conceded and lost his litigations!

It’s also important to note that intelligent politicians speak with HUMILITY of their SERVICE to “We The American People.” The best of them are sincere, the nefarious players are merely choosing clever words.

The least intelligent, lowest quality, and most dangerous of politicians openly BOAST about “achieving” political power. And the quality of citizen that puts symbolism and demagoguery over substance to pick favorites, can be counted among an unqualified electorate.

Finally, and most importantly in this case, Kamala Devi Harris is no more “VP Elect” than Al Gore was President based on irresponsible media’s own pronouncements. Media has an unfortunately power to influence, but they are not a legitimate branch of government, nor do they determine final outcomes. We didn’t know for sure who was President Elect in 2000 until December 21.

However deep or shallow whomever’s faith, we should all pray very hard for correction of rigged election to restore Trump’s win for reelection as if our children’s very lives depend on it. For those preparing for or even embracing the worst, it would be impossible to understand a Harris-Biden administration (as it’s been called repeatedly by both candidates) without knowing much more about China and their obvious and well documented interests in our election.

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