Democrats are Locusts

November 4, 2020

Leftists often recommend that residents of California and other thoroughly corrupted “Blue States” might simply move to make a happier life somewhere in a nice “Red State.”

Many take the advice, but the advantages are often short lived. This is because their lefty neighbors that eroded if not destroyed their own home State often are amongst the first to lead by example on their own migration to greener pastures of a “Red State.”

Here’s one openly advocating for her own Locust Party (Democrats) comrades to leave behind the crumbling hell holes they helped make to live the “good life” in, as yet unspoiled Red States where they will work hard to make their arrivals count by continuing their original voting habits.
Ocasio’s own mother had to escape the high taxation her daughter is busily imposing on everyone else in her State of origin.

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