Mass Murdering Democrats Frame Trump for their Own Election Flu

November 4, 2020
Updated September 20, 2021

No Fascistic movement is complete without projecting and gaslighting. And Democrats are the masters of both tactics.

They’ve done such a number on their base they all now parrot the exact same line about how “Trump murdered 220,000!” Were it not for the emotional behaviors of the leftist that adores being directed on every aspect of life, the sheer lack of logic might cause them to pause and reexamine their programming.

In reality, the Chinese Communist party worked with American Democrats to modify a flu that was only capable of infecting bats to successfully connect to human tissue. They released this for a multitude of reasons, but with an obvious priority on their not so secret issue to eliminate President Trump who had just beat them into submission on a new, less rigged China Trade Deal.

So, a logical person might realize that these nefarious players are 100% responsible for every death correctly attributed to the COVID, and this is only a fraction of the 220,000 number that’s been hit with fuzzy math to make the COVID a more effective political weapon.

Media accomplices are quick to “fact check” the above picture that has Barack Obama and Fauci at the scene of the crime (Wuhan Lab,) by asserting that they were “only there to learn about containment” of one of their earlier products. This same lab was illegally given payment of $3.4 million by Fauci in 2017 about the same time he was boasting that “Trump will face a pandemic during his term.”

What’s also an indisputable truth is that the Democrat Governors that intentionally delivered hot cases to the most vulnerable is a straight up case of Murder by Democrats.

All five of the Democrat Governors are 100% responsible for the mass murder of vulnerable elderly that they arranged with the policy that 45 governors did NOT copy.

But of course Trump is President of the USA so he’s just as “responsible” as FDR was for the ships he left parked in Hawaii to be sunk by Japanese bombers! Perhaps there is some responsibility, but we’d need to actually measure his actions to make a determination, would we not?

Let’s review the the timeline:

Seems that Trump formed a task force well more than a month before the 2nd in line to the Presidency, and Speaker of the House was shrieking “come to Chinatown!” Meanwhile, Trump’s life saving measure to reduce the direct flow from China was decried as “xenophobic” by the genius mind of Presidential Hopeful “Big Guy” Biden.

Pelosi had extremely important business to attend to and was unable, at the time, to sound alarms about Trump’s alleged “inadequate” responsiveness to the bat flu to which, she and her daughter, as vampires, are clearly immune.

Ultimately it became quiet easy for Biden to talk about his big “plan” to begin doing everything the Trump administration already laid out. At the VP Debate between Pence and “Fingered by Biden,” Kamala, it was correlated neatly to Biden’s well established reputation for plagiarism.

But looking at what Biden actually did do to handle an earlier epidemic, his actions were anything but impressive. Mark Levin describes some other interesting differences between the then and now.

Obama and Biden literally prohibited States from testing for H1N1. Learn the details in the hilarious walk down memory lane.

The lefties often take their “news” and opinions from late night comedy, and so it should be noted, that not even the very bright and sometimes entertaining Bill Maher was able to dismiss the truth about Trump’s “impressive” (quoting Fauci,) Covid response.

The great Crenshaw leaves Maher with no rebuttal to the clear presentation of facts

Ultimately the notion that Covid deaths were “murders by Trump” has been debunked, so it’s time for those still parroting this talking point to apologize, find some new lies, and then move on.

In addition to cramming hot cases into elder care facilities where the most vulnerable of Americans were ordered to “stay safe” while “at home,” the Democrats further exacerbated the harm by reckless malpractice as reported by several care provider whistle blowers, and more overtly by denial of treatment (via vilification of a common and effective age old remedy that was, just prior to COVID, available as an over-the-counter medicine.)

Meanwhile, plenty of Democrats were rather open about their excitement and gloating about the damage being inflicted. Where some had prayed for suffering in advance, others were brash enough to pray for more even after American families had already suffered great personal losses in livelihoods built up over decades, and life itself.

And the above is Biden’s true version of “being the compassionate leader” and “showing empathy.”

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Oh but the experts said… “wear a mask!” Except when they didn’t. Here Fauci claims we should NOT wear a mask on 60 minutes interview.
Career Bureaucrat Fauci has a long history of violating the hippocratic oath that firstly asserts that a doctor should “do no harm.”

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