On Bias and “Credibility”

November 5, 2020

The fantasy of an “unbiased source” is quite an obsession with the category of person that’s tightly programmed by what they deem as “reliable sources.” The only real option to someone limiting their exposure to “unbiased” might be CSPAN where cameras are merely placed and whatever happens in the room presented less any narration. With this approach the only “bias” might be in camera angle and any supplemental lighting.

In contrast, grownups will generally follow all sources and then apply some discernment.

The next time you encounter a leftist drone judging books by their cover, a response like the following might help to get the derailed train of conversation back on the tracks:

If logic based rebuttals aren’t your thing, and you prefer emotional arguments about your assessments about “credibility,” let’s assume the excellent content I share has the SAME credibility as YOU… namely ZERO, and then we can address topics on substance, like a couple of grownups, which may ALSO require some pretending on your part. 

E. Hanson

Whereas a hard left bias might strongly suggest a lack of credibility, these remain separate measure. Extremely left leaning Politico, for example, generally does more spin than wild lying, and some of their investigative reporting has been excellent.

An example of a left biased brand of news hitting the mark by doing some real investigative work while others serve up their “nothing burgers.”

In contrast, the leftist meme page combines aligns their extreme left wing bias with the degree of credibility one might expect.

Even the extremely leftward bent fact checkers just can’t find anything nice to say about Occupy Democrats nor the people who sewer snorkel this form of “news” for their every opinion.

It’s doubtful that they even still teach the concept of “open mind” in Liberal Arts curriculum these days, but with the exception of constant fail resources like the above mentioned “Occupy Democrats,” we should all strive to show more interest in content that might be fairly described as “biased,” and as much as possible, the presentations of opinion that carry as different as possible of a bias from our own.

Youtube videos are categorically completely wrong about whatever is presented and by whomever does the presenting, unless… it’s chosen by a lefty.

“Bias” is not the dirty word some have been programmed to believe it is. And the temptation to dismiss content based on what we might be inclined to take as “not credible,” on the basis of perceived “bias,” is an expression of intellectual laziness that should be avoided as much as Rosie O’Dumbell or Michael Moore might a measured portion or a fitness facility.

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A feeble minded participant in a debate group was busy mocking “Plandemic,” and when pressed to offer an actual refutation, literally posted a link: “Where can I find a good rebuttal to…” The same character had just recently posted the meme about YouTube searches on the left, and of course putting them together and doing a “return to sender” couldn’t be resisted.

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