“Honesty” of The Left

November 12, 2020
Updated October 3, 2022

When the American Left was still just getting started they openly described their own version of the Islamic tradition of Taqiyya, a specific state of circumstances where lying and deception were permitted if not encouraged by the Quran, as “lying for justice.”

The left draws many techniques and attitudes from Islam, so their clear and ongoing alliance is born of much common ground.

Whereas it didn’t require much adjustment for the average leftist to make lying more of a daily habit, the result of constant practice has engrained this so deeply into the psyche of the leftist mind, that the pronouncement of any form of truth requires a special, conscious and typically uncomfortable effort.

At a deeper level, even the darkest aspects of a human soul rather want to be acknowledged, and so the leftist mind will sometimes let loose with profound and truthful expressions that whatever “public relations” advocates in their social network might rather see them withhold.

These micro-blurbs historically been described as Freudian slips, and are often dismissed by allies as “gaffes” and “misspeaking,” while many others of these revelations are packaged as projections, where they can simultaneously spill beans on an inner ugliness while assigning blame to an adversary.

The more hardened Marxist minds will present these ugly truths about themselves without much concern for packaging, as they’ve developed a sick pride in “getting away” with something, and can also rely on their allies to cheer them on while they openly boast about horrible thoughts and even crimes freshly committed.

De Blasio’s pride and joy openly boasts that Biden was there to “steal the election” for Kamala who is the “real President.”
Replaces the prior video which was already scrubbed by CIA-Google’s censors.
A proud image of Di Blasio’s pride and joy. Image altered to add the butterfly graphic as a courtesy to our readers. Clearly some honest outpouring of an inner ugliness come in the form of nude pics.

So be prepared to see much more of this boasting about “stolen election” and a generous sharing of the real purpose served by the warm carcass foot-in-door that Biden serves to deliver the payload of the left-of-Bernie Kamala Devi Harris to be “installed” as the 47th President if they manage to keep the election rigged.

The penchant for boasting by zealots often deliver some very useful tidbits of information that might otherwise be kept more of a secret.

Some believe the “ends justify the means” approach of the left to follow Machiavelli’s “The Prince,”

…but they’re approach is better aligned to and more accurately described in Rules for Radicals by their Saul Alinsky. And the liberal hive mind inspired by his doctrine often prioritizes boasting over strategy.

Here Obama disrupts a funeral to express honesty via projection.
Here a leftist presents quite candidly their underlying motives for the censorship they overtly celebrate on social media.
Here Hillary shares that “unless we did something to determine the outcome there shouldn’t have been an election.” Even the vile lefties at the YoungTurks found it “unsettling.”

And another apparent example of boasting/gloating variety comes in.

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Once the former Governor Brown thought he was “done with politics,” he boasted about all the lying he had done on live television. Of course his base was kept so ignorant by lying media, that he comfortably ran and won another term as Governor of California many years later.

Kamala reveals her admiration for the North Korean form of government.

The above content now also available as a video presentation.

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Even Sucky Psaki lets out some truth!

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