Rigging 2020

November 4, 2020
Updated October 8, 2021

A resilient Donald J. Trump had overcome all obstacles starting with his first and miraculous win in 2016 and followed up with navigating through numerous coup attempts by a hostile elite establishment that included a weaponized flu engineered at the Wuhan Lab and efforts by accomplices here to exacerbate the death and destruction in its wake.

An unstoppable President Trump quickly overcame his own bout with the Election Flu aka “COVID19” as many as four spectacular and energetic rallies each day leading up to the most important and consequential election of anyone’s lifetime.

Cautious optimism gave way to excitement as the only remaining obstacles to a Trump victory were showing clear leads for the President. And then, something unprecedented happened.

Many had known about the Pennsylvania problem. In spite of a Republican legislature, Marxist activists posing as “judges” of the State’s Supreme Court reinvented the entire election process in the final hours. This was sent swiftly to a half-corrupt United States Supreme Court where it received a rare “four to four” vote which basically send authority back down to the lower Marxist infested court.

An especially bold Pennsylvania A.G. did some Biden style boasting about how President Trump would “not be allowed” to win in “his” State.

So, most realized that Trump’s ability to handily win in the Liberty Bell State was compromised. But somehow it appeared he’d be able to count on a win without all the drama and delays promised by the new laws written by judges.

Clear leads in Wisconsin, Michigan, and Georgia appeared to have the right percentages reported from the right Counties to safely predict wins for America.

Just as those watching the election were seeing a “good as done” victory for Republicans and America, there was a sudden pause.

Few were even aware of a so-called “Transition Integrity Project,” that was beginning to reveal itself with their hands firmly on the scales of “Election Justice.”

And their name doesn’t even attempt to hide their purpose has nothing to do with the “integrity” they ironically advertise in their name. Their mission was clearly defined to the public in their PDF that’s dated much earlier this year (in April.)

As disconcerting as this sudden “pause” in counting on States that should clearly have been called for Trump, some thought any worry about it might amount to “conspiracy mindedness” and unnecessary spoiling of a good night’s sleep.

Of course the punchline to the joke arrived rather early the following morning.

Nothing but fraud can explain an absolute vertical line that magically jumps Biden to a sudden overnight lead in the States that had put the brakes on counting on election night. And the exact same pattern of “after hours counting” cannot be ignored when it crosses State lines.

Meanwhile, ground in other States were lost and what seemed a clear path of an American victory were called into question. Biden was featured boasting about how things were going to go well (even when he was showing significant losses in the States that were paused,) and in States that major networks chose not to announce.

Meanwhile the media circus go into a frenzy over Trump’s “outrageous” statements expressing his reasonable concern for States clearly won taking more time to carry on with “more counting” until they arrive at the results clearly desired by their Democrat Governors.

Meanwhile here in California, I made a plan to vote at a polling place on election day. There I learned that if I surrender my mail in ballot, I could go inside with gloves to either do a touch screen (to print ballot cards,) or to physically apply pen to ballot cards. When one was walking in a volunteer said that they’d receive a provisional ballot inside. That rang alarm bells. So ultimately a supervisor came out to surprise me with some interesting (yet troubling) information.

I would learn that the ballot cards generated by going inside after surrendering the completed mail in ballot (I brought mostly as a guide,) would not be recorded there at the same location. Apparently Gavin Newsome had the diabolical wisdom to order that no ballot scanners would be used at the reduced number of polling locations (also by his orders,) and instead the cards would go into bins to be collected and processed in Oakland.

This is an important power grab that prevents individual cities (especially relevant in suburbia) from even counting their own votes locally. They can only learn after the fact what the Democrat controlled urban blue bureaucrats tell them who won in their own communities.

After receiving numerous assurances that my in-hand mail-in-ballot amounted to the same thing as the cards generated by voting inside, I decided to (with false security offered by the new “track your ballot” feature,) to simply add mine to the box.

California was among the first to be announced for Biden, and yet through today, I’ve yet to receive confirmation that my ballot was counted. I had confirmed late last evening that my wife’s ballot (submitted in the same manner the day before) was counted on the 3rd. A brother’s ballot has NOT shown as counted that he had personally submitted on the 2nd. I’m almost beginning to wonder if she voted for Biden.

As they say, the “fat lady hasn’t yet sung,” but it is worth noting how impressive the efforts to rig the election for Democrats in spite of not yet having enjoyed the power to eliminate the pesky Electoral College system that makes a somewhat more difficult business of it.

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Were it not for the massive potential for #DemVoteFraud, #SorosAndFriends wouldn’t have been so busy concocting the big #MailInBallots scheme BEFORE their release of the #ElectionFlu.

Contrary to the propaganda that feeds many with disinformation, the election hasn’t resulted in a victory for the good of a #transition into #2ndTerm NOR the abject horror and evil of a #HarrisBiden Presidency.

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And the accomplices in the Corrupted SCOTUS pound the final nails into America’s Coffin without as much as an explanation.

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