Swamp Hollywood: Unmasking Matthew Cooke! The Embodiment of Leftist “Thought.”

December 4, 2020

As the other self gratifiers like Jeffrey Toobin fail even the extremely low standards of Corporate MKUltra Media, Hollywood nurtures the most indulgent of leftist minds.

While social media monopoly tyrants are busy robbing the Internet of all honest and open online discussion, the masturbating left gets boosted to a much larger audience than “documentaries” nobody would watch or even a Zoom meat beating meeting could ever achieve.

Matthew Cooke’s wild rant calls for his Bernie Sanders left to do LESS communication with good Americans.

This reaction in the comments perhaps serves two roles as the best takeaway to Cooke’s rant and as a sensible response.

Nice speech about your Democrat Religion! So you’re claiming we shouldn’t talk to Democrats anymore? Like a #DivorceFromTheLeft? Ok Commie! We will give it thought and prayers! OK done! #DeportDemocrats.

E. Hanson

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