Filthy Ideology – The Left’s Celebration of Soil and Excrement.

December 7, 2020
Updated January 13, 2023

Throughout the unfortunate history of Marxism, Communists have pronounced cleanliness to be a bourgeoisie indulgence that should draw suspicion if not scorned as shameful. A true party comrade had to maintain a close relationship to dirt and filth to prove they were “good workers,” in the constant and eternal struggle towards an elusive “utopia.”

Whereas “getting dirty” might be more widely embraced as an aspect of being a good and hard worker, Chinese Communists might have considered Mike Rowe’s habit of washing up after a “dirty job” well done, as a betrayal of party principles.

Of course Karl Marx’s original writings were, by design an appeal to the lowest and worst qualities of the bottom tier of humanity. And there’s a strong draw by their base to expressing their inner filth in a more outward and tactile manner.

As children, liberals are known to smear content of loaded diaper upon surrounding walls, while many of their parents celebrate the “achievement” as the mark of a budding artist.

Of course, as they “progress” towards “adulthood,” many take the same habits to a next level.

Here a leftist woman “expresses” her thoughts about law enforcement via a favorite pastime of the Communist, public defecation.
…while like minded comrades make a public pledge to desecrate graves of political opponents on social media. Original Tweet

The same sort that take grave offense to apt descriptions like “shit hole,” which is really just a euphemism for any home, neighborhood, community, town, city, County, State, territory or nation that’s run by Democrats, are quite busy making the expression less figurative and more literal with their own steaming piles.

“Cleanup on Aisle 4!” A Pelosi constituent stands in defiance of the old “don’t sh-t where you eat!” adage after delivery of a steaming supply of “baked goods.”

Others perform similar rituals as a means of expressing their deepest feelings about America.

We have been fortunate that the left’s efforts to distribute their primary product more fairly by a more equitable distribution of the steaming piles, we had been lucky for a new resolve to cleanup after the left, both in reduction of their lifestyle of crime and corruption and in a more literal manner.

But, in spite of best efforts to clean up the sewage that floats to the highest levels above a political swamp, the dark forces continue to rear ugly heads long after they should have been processed or at least contained.

And based on the rampant and systemic vote fraud, the stench of a possible Harris-Biden Presidency, may quickly undo any cleanup efforts and in such a manner as to make Obama’s EPA but a fond memory.

Weaponized Excrement
Sad scenes of US National Parks turned to garbage by illegal invaders.

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