First Music Video to “Violate” CIA-Google’s New YouTube TOS?

December 12, 2020

The vile censors and election meddlers that control nearly every corner of Social Media have resolved to ensure there are no doubters on their personal webpage formerly known as “platform.” This will ensure that any of the Republicans, Independents, nor even the 30% of Democrats that believe the presumed incoming Harris-Biden-CCP administration to be the outcome of a stolen election keep such doubts to themselves.

While many, like the great Mark Dice, Dr. Steve Turley and others are busy with clever language to obscure their own obvious contempt for the rampant and systemic Democrat Vote Fraud that plagued our last “election,” others have taken a more defiant approach.

This new Music Video should serve as an example to others who might prefer to stand up against the wild new wave of censorship by the most vile of men that eventually hope to hang up calls or block texts made on their “private company” communication utilities.

Featured with Permission of the Artist. Freedom combines familiar musical themes with provocative imagery puts a line between ours and the side of apathy, ignorance and evil.

Hopefully other artists will take the lead and add similar elements to their own creative works, and please share any examples in the comments below so they can be included amongst our Musicians Against Election Fraud patriots.

©2020 WarOnPress

The great Mark Dice recognizes he may be in his final hours of YouTube, but shows his resolve to remain where he started until the vile Treason Barons force him off.

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