Marxist Professor Robby Reich Openly Rejects “Return to Normal,” in Celebration of an Eternal “Dark Winter”

December 15, 2020

Robert Reich, a former Clinton Labor Secretary (head union thug of a criminal administration) has since taken up the important business of indoctrinating impressionable children as UC Berkeley “Professor.”

Being too strong of an ideologue to remain satisfied with the damage he does on campus at the expense of parents or wild debt taken on by a steady stream of students, he has expanded his influence on Social Media. Here he actively rails against the Facebook that promotes his messaging for not doing enough of the social media censorship his lopsided messages need to hold ground.

His latest rant proves what many have known all along. Here he takes minor issue with his big hero Biden (who he is desperate to see achieve the office of Presidency by any means necessary which obviously includes the rampant and systemic vote fraud,) and his recent message of “returning to normal.”

This nutty “professor” certainly isn’t the only leftist ideologue to take great issue with dialing back the glorious tyranny they so enjoyed since the top of the whole “couple weeks” of “flattening of a curve.”

Rotten Robbie Reich summarily dismisses a “return to normal” as a “fantasy” of a “life after Trump.” Such clever language to set the stage for blaming Trump for all the catastrophes any and all expect to become an inescapable hell under the Harris-Biden-CCP administration the left are attempting to “install” in our White House

Whereas some might be stunned by his advocacy of an eternal “dark winter,” using Biden’s one honest campaign promise, others have been able to “read the tea leaves,” as they watched the tyrants of Covid revel in every bit of suffering they managed to impose in the name of “staying safe.”

Didn’t take long for the more discerning to identify that the many actions to “protect us” from COVID happened to align quite neatly with everything the political left could ever dream of doing to any subjects under their control
Like most good satire, this one aligns neatly with the reality of what China sees in the leaders they actively aid and abet through rigging elections, honeypot spy tactics and other means.
Many realize that the real “curve” the NWO elite wanted “flattened” was the one called “capitalism,” and that the PlanDEMic is their newest vehicle to deliver the world to a grinding poverty under Global Communism.

Of course we will see much more of this Marxist’s blather and as his social media monopoly accomplices eagerly take their levels of censorship to Reich’s standards, it will be increasingly difficult to see his tempestuous deluge of steaming online sewage adequately mitigated with rational rebuttals.

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