Profiting from the Presidency

December 10, 2020
Updated April 20, 2023

The left are expert manipulators, and the exploit the weaker minds to project their own lust for power and profit onto the man who had already built a life of privilege, fame, and sacrificed a billion to give something back to the country he genuinely loved.

In addition to massive financial sacrifice to give something back, he’s possibly the first President to refuse even the modest Presidential salary, and also shows restraint in the vulgar opulence flaunted by the prior administration that was quite new to money.
Harry Truman correctly pointed out that anyone who gets rich WHILE in public service is a crook. We couldn’t agree more about the Clintons and Obamas.

The CNN audience is also brainwashed to believe that Trump should be counted “failure” for a few bankruptcies which are actually routine for the size and scope of the Trump empire of brands.

This lie is easy to sell to their base, since economic illiteracy is a prerequisite for the Communism that these have also been trained to embrace.

Of course this criticism of Trump’s handful of misses with his own money given the way their hero oversaw failure, after failure with taxpayer and third party money.

Whereas every man and woman are largely emotionally driven, the personality of the Democrat particularly indulgent with it and will dismiss all of reasoned arguments and logic to satisfy the slightest craving to maintain a belief deemed pleasing.

Of course the self indulgent tend to see themselves in the quality of leader that appeals to their fancy.

And how else could the likes of Maxine Waters, who doesn’t even live in the Compton district she’s presume to “represent” win time and time again against opponents a full 30 points up from her IQ that also are nearly opposite her deficit in integrity.

And one doesn’t have to travel too far North to find another of her same levels of integrity, but with at least 10 points more of IQ.

Of course the base they cater to (in words and antics only,) derive a bit of sick pleasure from being a witness to the corruption that they, themselves, might count as their own singular hope of any “achievement” in their own lives.

And ultimately the “hungry” form of ambition, those who arrive to political power without any meaningful personal accomplishments in honest work, are the most useful to the oligarchs that favor a more malleable sort of politician to direct from behind the curtain.

In addition to being opportunists that are more than prepared to sell their constituent’s down a river along with their homeland to a highest bidder, these very base and vulgar specimens of humanity also arrive to politics with a lot of baggage.

This is an essential prerequisite for their string pullers, so it’s no accident that so few Republican politicians are truly honest men, and why all but one Democrat politician is an outright criminal.

So when a billionaire that owns his own suit runs for office, it threatens the entire way of life for the establishment. And of course it was no help to them when Trump announced his War on Pedophilia (which attacks the elite oligarch’s primary currency,) a few weeks before he came down the escalator to make an announcement he must regret most of most every day since he’s faced their wrath.

And so from the beginning of Spygate, and through numerous coup attempts he’s stood tall and only strengthened his resolve to work hard to give us, the We the People, our country back from the claws of those crooks.

At the time of this writing, he stands tall against the biggest attack on our Republic via the massive and systemic Vote Fraud that’s been planned since before they released the “Election Flu,” to try to reverse what was set to be a smooth sail into a 2nd Term.

So confident were the Democrats with their underlying plans and supporting infrastructure, from complicit media, wildly corrupt judges, and an army of Low IQ people that believe very strongly in “the ends justifies the means,” and have also been brainwashed to believe that Trump “stole” the election of 2016. So in their minds, they believed they were only “stealing it back.” These same simple minds were also programmed to believe Trump’s “literally Hitler,” and so who, in their right mind, wouldn’t bend some rules to stop such a monster from having a 2nd Term?

Meanwhile, the left will still parrot all their talking points about “Don the Con” as if he went through all that to add a few dollars to his billions. And of course the big scandal of weekend golf, when, based on his past accomplishments, he could have been golfing through the whole week with few worries.

And after being the most “investigated” President every to hold office, they still found absolutely nothing. Unwittingly, they have proven that Trump is the most squeaky clean, and most ethical of any businessman ever to surpass his first 100 million.

And, very much unlike the criminals that still operate behind the scenes, and sometimes very visibly against him and the country, nobody that went to testify against Trump has ever “committed suicide.”

And in spite of multiple coup attempts and several runs at assassination, Trump overcomes insurmountable challenges to get his promises to the American People fulfilled. Few 40 years olds have the energy of this unstoppable septuagenarian that truly sacrificed greatly and risked all (not just for himself, but for his entire family) to give something back.

Maybe it’s time for the less evil among the left to cut him some slack and conjure up a touch of respect.

Seems all the lefties changed their mind completely on this one.

And while the phony shown above was only worried about Obama and has since gone silent, the real American Heroes recognize Trump for what he is. The Best President in a century. And all good men and women around the world agree and are watching us closely, hoping and praying that we succeed in Trump’s latest war against the greatest fraud in American History.

Of course the greatest irony, is those who feign such worry over the slightest improprieties or “abuse of power,” are the same set that literally voted for and are rooting for a man that’s demonstrably highly compromised if not fully owned by America’s greatest adversary.

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