China’s Election Meddling

December 17, 2020

Sometimes the responses in the comments deserve more attention than might be offered in a simple comment or meme.

Well, let’s just review the ways they “weren’t involved.”

China released the election flu and spread it internationally and specifically to the USA on purpose by keeping flights open long after they closed all other transportation by plane, train from Wuhan. There were also several mysterious shipments from China of bat parts and other dead animals.

China purchased Dominion Voting Systems in October of 2020, the same system questioned even by mainstream media (CNN, HBO) for the vulnerability to manipulation that famously helped Chavez with his big win, and later Maduro in Venezuela, and most recently subtracted leads from all Trump’s winning counties, but had to be shut down and due to programming that wasn’t adequate to record rate of MAGA votes.

Fake ID’s were intercepted leading up to the election.

China followed up the election by openly boasting about their influence in American politics and their big win with Biden to restore their usual levels of control over US politicians.

There’s much more to cover, and so please bookmark and return for updates that will come soon.

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