Democrats vs. Republicans, Which Lead in Education, Intelligence and Science?

January 26, 2021
Updated July 31, 2021

Whereas Democrat policy appeals to the least fit and lowest common denominator, there’s more to the makeup of their party than just the super low IQ and low information handout voters that make up the fattest section of their party’s curve. These include the unwashed hoards they invite to build up their numbers which, by their open borders policies are most attractive to those who can neither read nor write in their own language.

Many of the “blue voters” are educated beyond a mildly above intelligence, and thus heavily indoctrinated with the wildly incongruent set of ideas and beliefs, that drive their fervent march towards, what most can only describe in broad terms like “progress.”

When tasked with explaining the specifics of what they believe they might achieve, and how the oddly arranged pieces might somehow fit together, they’ll quickly surrender with words like “it’s complicated.” They’ll also pull the curtains shut on the inner workings of their mysterious minds with terms like “nuance,” which serves as a euphemism to excuse the vast chasm between their “elevated” thinking, and any practical realities they presume are summarily addressed in their utopia.

Now the top-of-the-line of Democrat voters are often both “educated” (with an emphasis on indoctrinated,) and carry rather high IQ’s in the 115 to 140 range. These are the ones that are just “smart enough” to abandon all common sense, but not quite “genius” enough to replace that with anything useful.

And some among these surprise themselves when they conduct some studies to prove, once and for all themselves to be collectively, as lefties, members of the “smarter” and more “sound of mind” group, that have a unique monopoly on science, deeper philosophical thoughts, and even morality and virtue.

Studies done by leftists often yield results that prove the opposite of their underlying hypotheses.

As surprising as the results were at Yale that proved the opposite of what was expected of true Tea Party conservatives, there are more general studies that also left the researches in need of their own Play-doh equipped safe space.

Full Article here:

Whereas the “my group is smarter” mantra of the left amounts to collectivism and a rather sad commentary on their own reluctance to be rated on their own attributes, having their efforts routinely prove them wrong about yet another of their baseless and often foolish notions can be satisfying.

In addition to being, on average, less fit when it comes to intelligence and knowledge of science, there are yet other important defects of the leftist brain unwittingly uncovered by men on the top of their own IQ curve.

Here science proves that the leftist brain is less equipped to react appropriately to stimulus that would disgust anyone with a brain that’s wired normally. This is also key to understanding how the left can be so oblivious to the horrific effects of their policy put into motion by their filthy ideology.

Now finally, there’s another key aspect of the lefty brain that leads us all to ruin. And that’s described in the Intelligence Paradox.

In this important work Satoshi Kanazawa address the vulnerability of the more intelligent leftist mind to “novelty thinking,” that makes them susceptible to the wild dogmas of “Climate Change,” and “Open Borders.”

Before closing, it’s worth mentioning that the average human being (in the USA where this is written,) has an IQ of roughly 102 which is just 17 points up from the majestic Koko the gorilla’s 85 points.

And there are whole countries that average below Koko’s score.

And in a creature that’s, genetically speaking, 50% vegetable, 80% cow, and nearly all chimp, it should be no big surprise that truly intelligent discourse in and outside the realm of politics is a rare happening.

All in all, there are gifted and just plain dumb individuals that will embrace leftism as there are many perfectly fit men of average intelligence on the right. The collectivist arguments of “my group is smarter than yours,” are a favorite indulgence of the left, and if you’re seeing this article, you may be receiving it in direct response of your own such schoolyard antics.

In that case, you’ll now have to count that notion fully debunked, apologize, find some “new lies,” and then move on to the next Alinsky inspired tactic of bullying. For the rest of us, we can now count ourselves better equipped to counter the leftist bully’s favorite collectivist notion with the very facts owed to their own best and brightest of brain and behavioral study researchers.

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