How the White House Dog is an Existential Threat to America’s Family Pet

January 31, 2021
Updated December 10, 2022

While many on the left are celebrating the return to “normalcy” of a dog owning First Family, there’s an underlying irony lost on much of the general public that might focus more on symbols than substance.

This funny meme addresses a sinister reality of today’s Venezuela where cute little animals once kept as pets have become a primary food source as is routine business that can be found at the end of every Communist Revolution rainbow.

History and current events both offer constant reminders of the wild cruelty that falls on the heels of our beloved family pets, and how the luxury of having sufficient excess to keep these majestic and loyal creatures happy, healthy, with full bellies, and generally safe.

Now that the USA has become, with the help of a massive and systemic Voter Fraud operation they helped arrange, a true colony of China, one should become familiar with their absolute horrible record on the treatment of the precious little friends we, as Americans, had become accustomed to keeping as pets.

The newly restored Open Border with our nearest neighbor poses risks that go beyond the many preventable crimes against human children and adults.
Our love and respect of man’s best friend isn’t shared by all cultures.

When there’s an opportunity for the left and their PETA to be truly outraged about wild animal cruelty, other leftist agenda and sensibilities prevail and they become oddly silent.

Not all of the examples of pet torture are quite so grotesque as the others in the early days of Global Communist takeover of an economy.
The final days of respect for the heroes among man’s best friends are behind us
But there will be much dog like behavior by the Democrats and their accomplices

The family pet also participates in the suffering by tyrannical one-size-fits-all vaccination mandates that violate Nuremberg for humans and pets alike.

Fauci’s Dog Torture is ignored while the Leftists Rage about Dr. Oz

“Going to the dogs” doesn’t always work out well for our beloved pets.

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The above comic is in poor taste but it connects to Obama’s own autobiographical account of having partaken of a dish of dog.
Not even the majestic horse is safe from the leftist hate.

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