Pants on Fire: Spreading Wild Lies on Wild Fires

February 15, 2021

While the most recent of a new tradition of yearly wildfires rages beyond any measure of control, the least reputable of politicians vacillate between the two lies of “climate change” and “whipped power lines.”

The first lie is in service to Agenda 2030 and CO2 tax. The second lie is a vehicle to pass on all costs of rebuilding the countless lost homes and commercial structures to unsuspecting utility monopoly ratepayers, and set the stage to transfer from a highly government managed power infrastructure to full State control of every outlet, and ultimately an end to the era of “constant electricity.”

Excerpt from the Politically Incorrect Guide to Climate Change

Both of these big lies deflect from the actual causes which are, in order of significance:

As it is with most schemes aggressively advanced by Democrats and to a degree supported by the frauds infiltrating the “other side of the aisle,” the actions are as evil as the underlying motives.


It’s difficult for some to imagine the depth of depravity of the left and their efforts to “burn it all down” for political gains, the vile oligarchs behind the UN’s NWO agendas are all too happy to inflict suffering, and, from their perspective, more ideally, population reductions.

And their street rats for hire don’t do much of a job of keeping any of it a secret.

Only precious few will see the segments limited to local news channels concerning one boots-on-the-ground arsonist or another working their magic.

Any doubt that the street Democrats are partnered with bureaucrats to carry out their deeds are removed by the clear catch-and-release policies being applied by law “enforcement.”
California is not the only target of global cabal sponsored eco terrorism in the form of arson, nor is it limited strictly to the United States.

Whereas Democrat Arson is a global affair, you’ll notice that it’s magically concentrated to regions contained above the border with Mexico and below our border with Canada.

Of course any that suggest that D.E.W. was providing the Democrat Arsonist ground crew with support is widely defamed with carefully crafted language to make the notion that a certain breed of oligarchs are playing with their Direct Energy Weapons appear absurd.

The left rarely develop a good meme, but this one is rather clever, and was deployed to mock a Freshman Congresswoman for some social media posts or likes concerning the use of D.E.W. arranged by particular flavor of global cabal oligarchs.

But alas, there’s been plenty of footage of, for example the Santa Monica fire that appeared to have post production effects added in to appear as blue beams working their own magic to exacerbate the fires already raging below. So the “conspiracy theory” is accompanied by patents (for the technology,) public statements by key agency officials, and video evidence both during the “laser show,” and in the odd spectacle of whole neighborhoods turned to ash while surrounding forrest areas remain plush and green.

©2021 WarOnPress

PS: The Fact Checkers appear to acknowledge the arson while dismissing it as insignificant against the “greater threat” of “climate change.”

Catch and release arsonists!

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