UnLinked: Linkedin Joins Social Media Taliban, Purges Resumes of Conservatives

February 16, 2021
Updated February 23, 2021

One might think that a career development website might be a reluctant player in the wars being waged against conservatives on the lefty playground pages like Twitter and Facebook. The take down of Alex Jone’s resume was but a preview of what’s to come, and they’re already coming for you.

On one page an individual celebrated the grace of our former first couple and her job profile was caught in a whirlwind of bullying from a swarm of TDS personalities casually spewing their hatred as if it were some sort of career building activity.

One account took some measure of risk by standing up to their bullying by offering polite and professional messages to counter the bully’s vicious attacks while reminding the swarm that this was really not the best place to conduct such an verbal assault against those who dared indicate support of America and her former President.

Of course no good deed performed on any of the usual social media monopolies would go unpunished, but one might believe some real warnings might come ahead of an outright cancellation of whatever online resume might have been built over decades.

Today Linkedin proved otherwise. First a pair of emails came in suggesting that two posts were a violation of rules against “spam” for including links to this very page to refute and debunk the hateful diatribes directed at Trump and any supporters.

Once the sun crept up over the horizon it was time to login and see what was happening. Amazingly the usual remembered credentials apparently ignored and a join or sign in screen was presented.

That’s when the big “account has been restricted” notice appeared with a fraudulent request for verification of identity that only promised to “review” to “see whether or not” any terms of service were “violated.”

The account in question was in the midst of engaging a potential new hire, so a sensible “forget about it” approach wouldn’t work. So under pressure the big gamble of offering front and back of a California Real ID was risked.

And of course, there’s yet to be any resolution and the account remains dead. Not just barred from access, but the very profile is reported as “does not exist” even when clicked in from a residual Google search on the account.

Were it not for the horrible condition of the American Judiciary, this would be grounds for an immediate lawsuit and handsome settlement.

In this case a badly needed job opportunity is now likely lost along with access to high praise by former colleagues. Certainly this account will be updated if and when any meaningful response comes in from the fascist leftists that now run the career development “platform” in the same wildly unfair and haphazard manner as we’ve long come to expect from Facebook and Twitter.

Just imagine having your resume and former colleague endorsements deleted without notice on a whim.


Apparently the above reference account was restored but with a looming threat against sharing content that’s “inappropriate,” but, of course, all the wild unhinged and hateful bullying by the leftist hive that continue to treat the career building site as if it were their own Twitter sewer, are still there. It also appears my menu option of reporting those comments has been removed.

So, as long as I allow the leftist spew to go without answer, it seems I’ll be able to play until any future “transgression.”


Great caution was taken in responding to the wild lies and venom spewed by the left that continue to treat Linkedin as their own personal Twitter-like sewer. Before daring to link to this very page with specific and thoughtful responses to their rants, I now offer a chance to take the conversation to another platform that might be more suitable than an alleged career development site.

In spite of this and other measures to avoid having a second account deletion that would likely, according to their threats, be permanent, even statement of readily verifiable facts is now deemed “against Professional Community Policies” based on so-called “misinformation.”

This is frankly more troubling than the account deletion that preceded this. Anything that counters the wild lies spun by left wing ideologues is subject to REMOVAL by the vile liars that uphold Linkedin’s version of “Professional Standards.”

Meanwhile, the unhinged lefty ranters can rage on with wild accusations against Trump and the 75 million supporters with impunity. Guess it’s time to setup another career development platform to replace these creeps.

©2021 WarOnPress

Imaging having THIS kind of indoctrinated Marxist in playing a key role in YOUR HR department!

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