PETA Presumes Authority over Language to Protect the Reputation and Feelings of Animals

March 4, 2021

It’s been long known that the human brain relies on animal fats to function properly, and so it should be no surprise that those who take up the lost cause of veganism will fail at thinking.

Per science, by our DNA, we all share much in common with the foraging lefty and are, 50% vegetable, 80% cow, and nearly all chimpanzee. So it shouldn’t be too shocking that formulating reasonable thoughts can be a daunting task for even the best fed and most healthy of human minds.

Many among those with functioning brains will ask themselves a question concerning, “how much more dumb” the insufficient brains of the left might become. Others think such a question carries a certain danger since they appear to take it up as a challenge.

Such efforts on the part of the left to outdo their previous achievements in the realm of raw stupidity will only make last weeks ridiculous appears as sane and reasonable against whatever new surprises await for next week.

And now PETA has demonstrated their own resolve in the realm of one-upsmanship on the absurd circus that put the more conventional clown show out of business, and now threatens satire sites like the Onion and BabylonBee since it’s becoming increasingly difficult for them to add anything to the headlines flowing in abundance from mainstream news services.

Ringling Brothers is another example of a business that could not compete with the corresponding government programs.

And now, here we are today. As wildly absurd as most might believe a call to unroll another batch of prohibited “offensive” terms, this time, to protect the reputation and feelings of animals, we can all trust that there will be something else in the not-too-distant future to have us look back at this nonsense with a nostalgic eye.

And while PETA takes on that “important” business, the real threats to every animal we might presently regard as lovable pets are at their highest level.

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Now the damn vegans are against coconuts!

Hatred of humanity is at the core of most so-called “animal rights” personalities.

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