On the Left’s Demand For Early Childhood Training in “Social Justice!”

March 25, 2021

As much as the left will lie and gaslight about how they’re not “coming for your children…”

During the push to defeat Proposition 8 that passed during the last honest election in California only to be reversed by the courts, the lying LGBT activists promised they had NO intention of targeting California’s children with an “education” in their deviance.

They always do and on every subject. And the vile Trained Marxist of the BLM bowel movement don’t think starting in Kindergarten is quite soon enough to begin their abuse on the most vulnerable and impressionable of minds.

They need to start their lessons in hate much earlier in the “First Five,” during a time when most of history had children bonding with and nurtured by mothers and grandmothers.

The vile BLM bowel movement has openly declared their war on family and obviously they have eyes on your youngest of children to begin their indoctrination with their hateful Critical Race Theory screed.

Of course, before that, BLM types have a long tradition of making lasting impressions on the youngest of our children.

Here a nice young fellow is given a powerful lesson in “Diversity is Strength” as he stand by helplessly to see a nice BLM type teach his mommy all about her “privilege.”

And perhaps some believe, that just as soon as we all realize that “all whites are racist,”

…and agree to pour all of our earnings, savings and assets into the hands of the truly “entitled,” and “deserving,” BIPOC (the Asian hate is OK version of the exclusionary term for “everyone but whitey…”)

They’ll start to behave nicely towards the nice Americans that don’t fit into their side of the color wheel!

Others believe that these fine young gentlemen who grace the streets of every American city have a better grasp on what we should really expect once we’re “treated as negros,”

Hank Rep Johnson believes all political opponents should be, in his precise words, “treated as Negros.” We are quite certain he doesn’t mean more handouts nor affirmative action.

And here’s what they believe would make a more just and “equal” nation. Namely, enslavement of “whites” and “Asians.”

Black Hebrew Israelites are more honest than most SJW’s. Here they are “keeping it real” in San Francisco.

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