Trump Vax: Top Reasons to NOT be a Lab Rat

March 25, 2021
Updated April 4, 2021

The RNA therapy branded as a COVID “vaccine” has never been through any successful testing on any animals that lived, nor on any of the key groups it’s purportedly offered to help. Nearly 100% of the recipients had horrible immediate side effects. A number of those receiving the shots now authorized for “emergency use” (only) and yet branded with the same CDC marketing speak… “safe and effective,” have died. Some almost immediately after the 1st shot, others after the 2nd.


Statistically it’s possible to write off the deaths as “coincidental,” but the death rate is, so far, appearing to be higher than the expected death rate from the virus it’s purportedly offered to “cure.”

Very oddly, those who survived the COVID are getting shots. If the disease itself wasn’t enough to trigger a proper immune response, how would a prion storm created by altering your own body’s cells do the trick?

The same government promoting mass injections has cracked open the borders and thus proven that they have no concern whatsoever for doing their part after our own children sacrificed graduations, school plays, sports, camping, sleepovers, a whole summer and even basic interactions with friends and extended family.

Many renowned immunologies see the “vaccine” as a prelude to a lifetime of chronic illness. Some of the most painful life long conditions suffered by Americans are auto-immune diseases, and reprogramming your own tissue to make prions deemed “a threat” by your immune system appears a perfect way to setup a autoimmune storm that will have your own body waging war against itself.

This is an added bonus for the global cabal’s worst ever open borders crisis. All the gains hard won by missed graduations and school plays, lost livelihoods, and even suicides will be quickly reversed as Biden expedites the new arrivals into the interior of the country by bus, and even flying to the Canadian Border to “expedite” their catch, release and no court date of a population that’s not even TESTED for COVID into our general population. This is the “Dark Winter” Biden advertised, and his policy is designed to exacerbate and extend it.

After previously telling people they shouldn’t trust the “Trump vaccine,” the very same products he developed with “Operation Warp Speed” are now being delivered to masses that, with corporate media conditioning, couldn’t be more eager to become a test subject.

These schemers are so confident in the gullibility of their base, they often offer some pretty big clues about what motivates their policies.

Oddly political affiliation remains very much in the mix while people decide how to react with emerging pressure that will soon give way to mandates. So if you have a leftist friend you care about… (note that conservatives are capable of having friends with different opinions,) ask them if they have any concerns about the “tRump vaccine.” This will make it possible for them to transfer some of their unbridled enthusiasm with a cautionary stance that could well save them and their children’s lives.

For those who are concerned about the good Americans that supported Trump and his efforts, you’ll be dealing with an individual more capable of looking at the science and the details about why doctors and scientists are so concerned.

In all cases you’ll be saving a friend from becoming a biological dead end (infertility in males, and miscarriages in females,) along with a high probability of chronic health issues that will have the most staunch conservative begging for “universal health care” for however many days they survive to suffer chronic long term autoimmune diseases.

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Early Reactions

Shot Felt Around the World

Memes like this are too effective and so our admin literally was given a 30 day sentence in Facebook Jail for the above post.


The plan is more evil than any normal man or woman could even imagine. Watch this video that you’re not supposed to and it just might save your life.

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