The Only Sensible Message from Obama White House Came from an Unlikely Source

April 12, 2021

Throughout the entirety of those 8 years, there is but one single exception to a “strictly nonsense,” communications policy that was otherwise strictly upheld by the Obama White House. And this single yet bold departure came from what might seem an unlikely source.

In the whole of 8 years, the only piece of sensible advice ever to come down from the Obama White House was the recommendation to “buy a shotgun.” Ironically this one moment of brilliance came from the same gun grabber and advanced dementia patient that now resides in the Nut House formerly known as “White House.

Vice President Biden rode in on the coattails of an “articulate, bright and clean” Barack Obama (as Joe described the qualities that set him apart from more more ordinary “mainstream African-Americans,”) and quickly leveraged his position to quickly convert a crack addict son into an energy mogul in various foreign countries including China and Ukraine.

Biden enjoyed showing off how much he learned from his mentor and former Sheetsman/Senator Robert Byrd.

Of course that one rare moment of Biden brilliance has been forgotten by many, and few even suspect that the man himself retains sufficient faculties to properly reminisce that one rare achievement that stood out in an otherwise dull and destructive 47 years as a Democrat politician.

Joe is more about Hunter Rights than Gun Rights. First Family comes First. Then foreign interests that line their pockets, and then illegals that he invites to invade, and finally BIPOC citizens.

Fortunately Biden Family values put his first family first, and so those wildly unconstitutional laws he’s busy imposing illegally by Executive Fiat will not inconvenience Hunter any more than whatever laws against sex with minors, violations of foreign agent registration requirements, nor any of the other things that are simply “OK” when done by Democrats.

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