Sharing Truth from FDA Website Violates Zuckerberg’s Terms of Service

April 15, 2021

Many have long been “jesting” that “truth is a violation of Facebook’s Terms of Service.” Like most observations about the behaviors of the left, whatever might be dismissed as a satirical or exaggerated claims today, will soon be proven a dispassionate statement of fact.

An0maly One Minute FIERY Board Speech & Addressing Facebook Censorship For Telling FDA FACTS!

One web personality in particular, who has a rather neutral personal view about the risks and/or benefits to the current selection of COVID therapeutics branded as “vaccines,” has had a heavy handed attack on his Facebook page for merely calling out lies by the vile Press Secretary, Psaki, accompanied with the sharing of facts taken directly from the FDA’s own website.

It may also be worth noting, that at the time of this writing, the author is 17 days into a 30 day sentence of “Facebook Jail” for having shared a simple meme that mocked the Krispy Kreme campaign of offering unhealthy inflammation causing snacks as reward for enduring the inflammation (and far more serious accompanying risks) of receiving an experimental shot, that, as covered in the above video, and as contradicted by the wild eyed liar Psaki, is not FDA approved.

This meme was categorized as “harassment and bullying,” and removed. It was also a basis of a 30 day suspension by Facebook’s Mother Zuckerberg for the aforementioned “violation” of Terms of Service .

Many had already realized that, were the unthinkable to happen, and the censorship loving lunatic Kamala Devi Harris to assume any control of the White House that the treasonous Social Media Taliban would only become emboldened and behave in an ever more outrageous manner. And here we are today seeing their priority of what they want people to “feel” taken to the extreme of direct punishments for the “audacity” of sharing verified medical facts about the left’s favorite weapon against humanity.

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