Tucker Defamed by the ADL Mere Mention of The Replacement Migration Scheme They Support

April 12, 2021
December 15, 2021

The ironically named ADL (which is supposed to stand for “Anti-Defamation League,”) has focused most of their efforts on defamation of good Americans that dare speak truths that they deem inconvenient.

The great Mark Dice sums up the dishonesty and wild hypocrisy of the left’s neurotic and duplicitous messaging on the “Replacement Migration” they simultaneously dismiss as “White Supremacy talking points” and “conspiracy theory,” and embrace as “the great medicine that is absolutely happening and for “the better.”

The latest to get caught in their crosshairs is the great Tucker Carlson for his “audacity” of mentioning the downside of the well documented “Replacement Migrations” schemes that are openly celebrated as a cure for an American Privilege blamed on European ancestors and a “white” majority.

While the super low IQ CNN heads like Don Lemon believe calling “Replacement Migration” a “theory” lends it too much credence, Biden and other leftists openly boast about it as a “fact” with accompanying “Diversity is Strength” rhetoric that amounts to a wild lie.

Meanwhile this same hate group and their accomplices turn a blind eye to the plight of the very good Orthodox Jews being subject to routine assaults in places like Manhattan, where the offending black gangs of thugs are held in higher esteem than any flavor of victims of their daily oppression.

And of course, they’re quiet as a mouse when it comes to the hateful anti-Semites they fully and openly support, and dismisses their open appreciation of the Holocaust as simply “problematic.”

The vile Islamo-Fascist Tlaib openly shares warm feelings about the Holocaust…
This is the harshest commentary about wildly anti-semitic Islamo-Fascist Rashida Tlaib ever to be shared by the vile, subversive and anti-American ADL that has other priorities.

And of course, all the accomplices in media will make every excuse for the anti-American, anti-White, antisemitic and anti-Asian hatred while coming down as hard as they can on the horrible crime Tucker’s un-mutable characteristics of “white,” and “American Citizen” combined with the aggressive sins of being “conservative” and even a heterosexual Christian man. Many thriving nations have made strict restrictions on NGO’s, and if there’s any hope of America’s survival, it will require a serious look at banning all the subversive NGO’s like ADL, SPLC and other Soros fronts from operating anywhere within or even near our shores and borders.

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Here’s more boasting by the left as they openly celebrate the “Democraphics” of “Replacement Migration”

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